It really feels great to know that you’re the reason for someone not sleeping hungry today, let’s feel that together and help people affected in this pandemic by just preparing sandwiches.

  • Ongoing
  • Disaster Relief and Restoration, Nutrition & Wash
  • Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai
  • https://www.bhumi.ngo/
  • Weekly
  • INR 50,000 to 1 lac
  • Towards feeding the hungry impacted by the lockdown due to the pandemic

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Last Updated On 14 July 2020

Volunteer Requirements

  • 500 Volunteers needed
  • All Age Group Preferred
  • NA
  • Yes, Bhumi team will be conducting a orientation for the volunteers

To Contact

  • Ramakrishnan Subramanian
  • Manager - Corporate Relations
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Seva Chef



Program Description

To support homeless people in this crisis you can contribute by preparing sandwiches at your home. Bhumi will be providing all the logistic and operational support such as providing hygienically packed groceries and delivering prepared sandwiches to the beneficiaries.

Here are a few requirements from volunteers:

Volunteers should be willing to prepare at least 50 Sandwiches and read and follow all the safety measures provided by Bhumi to ensure the safety of beneficiaries as well as volunteers. Along with that volunteers have to coordinate with the grocery supplier and delivery partner.


Process of Seva Chef Event.

  • Volunteers have to register by filling name and other details on the registration form
  • Volunteers will be divided into groups based on location
  • Each group will be assigned a date for preparing sandwiches
  • Groceries will be delivered to the volunteers before the event
  • Volunteers will be preparing sandwiches as per the instructions and guidelines provided.
  • At last, volunteers have to hand over the prepared sandwiches to the assigned/delivery partner organization.
Key Partners: Zomato Feeding India

For more Info about the organization, visit Organization Website Link


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