Step up to support migrant workers and daily wagers affected by the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can support them, by walking one step at a time!!

  • Ongoing
  • Disaster Relief and Restoration, Event based engagement
  • Pan India
  • https://www.bhumi.ngo/
  • Weekly
  • INR Above 5 lac
  • Towards the low income families of daily wagers & migrant workers impacted by the lockdown due to th

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Last Updated On 11 July 2020

Volunteer Requirements

  • 2000 Volunteers needed
  • All Age Group Preferred
  • Yes, Bhumi team will be conducting a orientation for the volunteers

To Contact

  • Ramakrishnan Subramanian
  • Manager - Corporate Relations
Walk to raise funds for COVID Relief




Program Description

This temporary lockdown has also had permanent effects on the less privileged and most vulnerable segment of the community - the daily wagers and the migrant workers. In discussions of the pandemic to date, their sufferings have only played a marginal role.

In the wake of this, the world needs a voice. It needs action. It needs change. It needs you. In efforts of furthering our COVID relief efforts, we are organizing a Virtual Stepathon, encouraging your employees to walk a specific number of steps/KMs every day. The registration fee for event will be utilized for COVID Relief. The amount fundraised during the event will support the beneficiary with their daily expenses and give them monetary security even after the lockdown ends.

So, how does it work?

  1. Interested volunteers have to register for the event through their company SPOC
  2. A registration link will be sent to you which redirects you to the Pacer App
  3. They must then download the app “Pacer” and will be redirected to join the unique group.
  4. This is a link unique to the organization, so do not share it elsewhere.
  5. There will be a step challenge in the group, where they must clock in a minimum of 5000 steps (approx. 4 km) per day.
  6. The volunteer should then take a picture of their daily count and sends it to the SPOC.
  7. The entire challenge will run for 1-3 days (based on discussion with the corporate)


Note: Bhumi will also be aware of the steps logged in from the backend Registration Information:

Key Partners: Pacer

For more Info about the organization, visit Organization Website Link


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