Bhumi invites you to uninvite the unfriendly guest in your life - single-use Plastics. Join hands with us to tackle plastic pollution as an individual, family or organisation. We urge you to shed off your singe use plastics for a world with cleaner oceans, happier animals and no landfills.

  • Ongoing
  • Environment, Event based engagement, Others
  • All cities (virtual)
  • https://www.bhumi.ngo/
  • As per Availability
  • INR Up to 50,000
  • Project Management and facilitation cost for setting up and executing the workshop

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Last Updated On 11 July 2020

Volunteer Requirements

  • 100 Volunteers needed
  • All Age Group Preferred
  • NA
  • NA

To Contact

  • Ramakrishnan Subramanian
  • Manager - Corporate Relations
Workshop on Switch to Eco-Friendly Lifesyle

Workshop On Plastic-free Lifestyle



Program Description

Details: The workshop is going to be an extensive discussion on simple practices we can adopt as individuals to go plastic-free in life with special focus on the following 3 domains of our lifestyle: 

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom/Personal care
  • Closet


It also comprises of live guided demo of any of the following simple Do-It-Yourself products of daily use which can be created out of our very own kitchen and closet:

  • All-purpose natural cleaner out of fruit waste, jaggery and water
  • Grocery cloth bag out of old t-shirt
  • Bird feeder out of plastic cutlery, glue and rope


Role of volunteers

  • Participate in the session discussion
  • Make the DIY products live as instructed by the facilitator


Expected outcome

The participants will walk out having learnt how to:

  • Make simple switches they can make as individuals or families to be eco-conscious
  • Take care of their daily waste
  • Cut down their plastic footprint
  • Become an environment ambassador amongst their circles
  • Create DIY products at home


The workshop will be facilitated by Bhumi's Eco-Champs team. Eco-Champs is Bhumi’s own environment education program for schools to shape students into advocates of environmental sustainability across 7 cities - Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Madurai, Mumbai and Pune.


For further registration process please contact the Bhumi POC

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