We invite corporate employees to join our tech-enabled platform and fuel education by mentoring young minds. By mapping your skills and interests to the students who need them the most, we enable continuous learning and continuous engagement, irrespective of your location.

  • Ongoing
  • Education, Skill Development & Employment, Others
  • Pan India
  • http://www.buddy4study.com/mentee/program
  • Weekly
  • INR 1 lac to 5 lac
  • Campaign among employee base, mobilization of students, technology platform, hand-holding of mentor

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Last Updated On 08 July 2020

Volunteer Requirements

  • 150 Volunteers needed
  • All Age Group Preferred
  • No special skills required
  • Buddy4Study will provide know-how about using the platform. In the initial period content support through PPTs will be provided.

To Contact

  • Shaunak Ghose
  • Vice President: Strategic Alliances & Partnership
Mentor & Mentee engaging virtually

Virtual Volunteering To Mentor Students



Program Description

As per a recent study by Gallup, a global analytics and advice firm, those teams where employee engagement activity is high, realize a significant drop in absenteeism and result in higher efficiency. Traditionally employee volunteering had its own challenges like high physical intervention, logistical challenges, timing issues, Ad hoc and non-continuous engagement, while not adding much value to the employees. Keeping all these challenges in mind and also the current trend transformation the world is experiencing due to Covid-19 which promotes social distancing, the Employee Engagement through Virtual Volunteering Program has created an environment where engagement of employees has never been so easy and meaningful.


Buddy4Study has an active user base on its technology platform of more than 3.2 million  under-privileged students pan India who are looking for mentoring support. During our discussions with corporate sponsors, we realized that we have a huge talent pool available with corporates who can be excellent mentors to students.


The first step in this program is to understand the skills gap of students. This is done through a survey combined with sign up program where students provide their preferred courses and preferred languages. Based on the first survey, corporate employees are requested to sign up on platform and provide their preferences of courses, languages and time slots.


Once we receive preferences from both students (mentees) and employees (mentors), we match mentees and mentors based on courses and time preference. Post that our platform schedules sessions of mentors and mentees for the course duration. These sessions are pre-scheduled based on the preference of mentor and mentees. They have options to request for rescheduling of sessions which is managed by a dedicated project manager.


Before the sessions start, Buddy4Study organizes a training of all mentors on the content which they will be delivering to mentees. These will be one to many webinars where employees will be grouped based on their course choices. These training sessions will be mostly of 2 hours and will cover first few months of training.


First session of each mentor with mentee is an ice breaking session where project manager will make mentor and mentee comfortable by introducing each other. Once ice breaking session is done, mentor and mentee will carry on their mentoring sessions on platform. Content provided by Buddy4Study is created to ensure that it gives an excellent structure to the program but at the same time gives mentors flexibility to improvise based on mentee needs and their response.

Outcome from the program:

  • Continuous Engagement
  • Getting trained from industry experts
  • Helping students take informed decision for their career
  • Focuses not only on educational aspect but also overall personality development of mentees
  • The entire program is aimed in creating socially responsible students who later gives back to the community.
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