CCDT believes in bringing the change in community for providing better future to their children, youth and families which would be achievable with lot of dedication from their employees, they see, demonstrated on field.With support in developing desired skills, this would be achievable.They appreciate volunteers to share their skills and experience


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Last Updated On 10 February 2021

Volunteer Requirements

  • 3 Volunteers needed
  • 30-45 Age Group Preferred
  • Employee training and development Mentoring, Leadership trainers
  • NA

To Contact

  • Prachi Jhunjhunwala
  • Director- Human Resources
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Virtual- Employee Development Program


Committed Communities Development Trust

Program Description


Committied Communties Development Trust's (CCDT) field officers have been extraordinarily strong in social work and community development and engagement. They are also managing large teams of outreach workers and community stakeholders/ volunteers. Their core responsibilities include:

  • Community mobilization and counselling regarding the projects they are involved - health, child rights, adolescent skill development.
  • Internal team management, building their capacities
  • Writing and submission of field reports, budgets management.


Project officers, at times are unable to deals with issues, and provide timely solutions to their team members. They seem to be lacking in managing teams, developing their competencies and skills, and time management. Through the proposed Virtual- Employee Development Program, CCDT expects volunteers to suggest the following:

  • Suggest a road map on how to maintain the balance between organizational goals and operational challenges.
  • How to take complete ownership of assigned work, perceive and handle challenges as learning opportunities instead of demotivating roadblocks.
  • How they can motivate themselves in challenging situations.

Additionally, the volunteers can share experiences from their own work life:

  • Success stories - Share experiences of similar situations from their respective fields of work
  • Good practices - How they take complete ownership and handle challenging situations
  • Motivational talks - How they motivate themselves to continue without reaching the breaking point.


This will boost the morale of their employees, rejuvenate them to handle challenges and transform them into learning opportunities.


Suggested topics:

  • Tips on Stress Management & self-motivation
  • Project Management: For all field officers who manage and lead specific projects


The volunteer is expected to create the following:


1. Short individual training modules on each of the above topics:

  • Count of days: 2 days engagement on weekly basis
  • Duration/day: 3 hours/day
  • Total hours/topic: 6 hours/topic
  • Total duration: 2 months engagement for desired results

2. Pre-assessment and post-assessment to get the final evaluation


Expected Learning for the Volunteer

  • How to motivate employees
  • Sharing case stories and self-experiences
  • How to conduct/facilitate training for employees in development sector
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