We at LLF cannot let COVID-19 pandemic blur the future of thousands of students and their families. #HomeConnect offers a ray of hope of a bright future to the beneficiaries. It gives chance to skilled employees to feel positive in these tough times through contribution towards social development.

  • Ongoing
  • Education, Healthcare
  • Namakkal, Raipur, Mumbai
  • www.learninglinksindia.org
  • As per Availability
  • INR 1 lac to 5 lac
  • Salary of volunteering coordinator, outreach efforts to reach out to beneficiaries, monitoring & eva

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Last Updated On 08 June 2020

Volunteer Requirements

  • 500 Volunteers needed
  • All Age Group Preferred
  • Basic communication skills, knowledge of regional language, passion to contribute to the society
  • LLF volunteering Coordinator will support the volunteers for their training needs

To Contact

  • Sudeep Dube
  • Associate Partner
Volunteering session with students during COVID-19

HomeConnect- Volunteering From Home


Learning Links Foundation

Program Description

#HomeConnect is a 'Volunteer from Home' initiative of Learning Links Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that has been supporting education and skill building initiatives since 2002 (www.learninglinksindia.orgwww.facebook.com/learninglinksindia)

While the state and central governments are taking care of essential services such as health, water, food and sanitation, there is a human side to pandemic management that volunteers can help with. COVID-19 and the nation-wide lockdown has deprived millions of students from their social engagements such as playing with friends, studying in schools, visiting friends, families and places of worships. 

#HomeConnect strives to bring some cheer and joy in the lives of students and their families from the communities around the facilities/ establishments of corporate houses through employee volunteering. This initiative is open for all employees of a corporate house and their immediate family members.

Sample activities: COVID-19 management, Yoga for children, art & craft sessions, communication sessions, fun with mathematics, mentoring sessions etc.

All activities are conducted on a ‘Volunteer from home” basis through the following modes:

  1. Live sessions using audio/ video calls
  2. Engage offline through pre-recorded audio/ video sessions

Each #HomeConnect session is conducted in the mother tongue of the beneficiary.


#HomeConnect has been designed taking into cognizance the safety of the volunteering employees and their families. Therefore, LLF conducts all activities on a ‘Volunteer from home” basis, meaning the volunteers do not need to leave their homes for conducting these activities. Volunteers also have the flexibility to choose from any of the following modes of volunteering, based on the format that suits them, and the activities that they plan to conduct.

A. Connect directly with the beneficiaries and conduct the sessions live using audio/ video calls based on commonly available secure mediums of communication. Each volunteer would handle a maximum of 6 beneficiaries in each session. All sessions are conducted in the regional language of the beneficiaries

B. Engage offline with the beneficiaries through pre-recorded audio/ video sessions, activities, quizzes etc.  These sessions are specially designed to empower those beneficiaries who might not have good connectivity/ ready access to technology.


Sample activities conducted under #HomeConnect

  • COVID-19 management
  • Art & craft sessions
  • Yoga
  • Mentoring sessions
  • Dance videos (offline only)
  • Communication sessions
  • Fun with mathematics


  • LLF to appoint a Volunteering Coordinator (VC) for managing the activities
  • The LLF VC coordinates with point of contact appointed by the partnering company to develop communication for volunteers, enroll volunteers and schedule activities
  • The LLF VC also works with the enrolled volunteers to help them prepare for the upcoming activities through relevant content and coordination with beneficiary families to offer a delightful experience to all stakeholders
  • LLF will submit a vibrant activity report upon completion of a particular activity for sharing with the corporate


Pan India: LLF is present in Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Odisha, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand 


  • Students (K-8): Age 5-14 years
  • Parents/ families of students


  • Students stay engaged during the lockdown and their chances of dropping out from the formal schooling system are reduced
  • Emotional wellbeing of beneficiaries
Key Partners: In-house implementation

For more Info about the organization, visit Organization Website Link


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