15 minutes of your day can be the highlight of their week! "The initiative aptly called the ‘Circle of Love’ allowed me to receive love manifold, and I am ever so grateful for getting this opportunity."~ Sunny Bhasin, Volunteer Our elderly widow mothers have faced disrespect, abuse and heartbreaking abandonment. These calls help the mothers feel that they are CARED for. While the volunteers gain tremendous love and wisdom from the resilient mothers who smile even in the face of adversity, the mothers experience a sense of belonging and love. Join us to restore their dignity !

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Last Updated On 08 September 2023

Volunteer Requirements

  • 20 Volunteers needed
  • Skill Sets

    1. Proficiency in English, Hindi, Bengali
    2. Able to operate WhatsApp Video Call
    3. Willingness to Serve

To Know More

Mother speaking to a volunteer over WhatsApp video

Circle Of Love - Employee Volunteering


Paramhansa Yogananda Public Charitable Trust

Program Description

Circle of Love is a perfect name because that is exactly how I felt when I went there; when I do my calls, I feel surrounded by a Circle of Love.

– Pihu Garg, Volunteer


"Circle of Love" is an Online Volunteering program, through which anyone from across India and the World can connect with one of the Mothers' of Vrindavan, once a week, over a 15-minute informal whatsapp video call and share with her a bond of Divine Friendship rooted in love and respect.  These conversations are informal and relaxed and you can converse with the mother about anything you like. You can talk about your day and ask her about hers. You can share stories, recipes, sing bhajans or pray together, practice affirmations or play simple virtual games. The mothers would also love to share with you stories of their Beloved Krishna, or recipes they love. What may just be 15 minutes for you, maybe the highlight of their week!

You will be taken through an Online Orientation before your first call and an assigned coordinator will help you break the ice and familiarise yourself with the mother. 

This heartwarming initiative by the Yogananda Trust, aims at bridging the gap between generations and bringing smiles to the faces of elderly mothers. Our mothers are elderly and abandoned widows who have faced disrespect and abuse in their lives. With this program, you have the opportunity to brighten their day and create meaningful connections with them, thus increasing their happiness quotient and mental well-being.  

Proposed Activities

1. A 15 minute WhatsApp video call with the mother, once a week

Type of Volunteering

Virtual Activity

Objective of Volunteering

1. Enhance Dignity and Belonging: Help the mothers who have faced abandonment and abuse, feel a sense of dignity, trust and belonging, by creating an environment where they feel valued and respected.
2. Foster Meaningful Connections: Facilitate connections between individuals and resident mothers to promote love and friendship.
3. Global Volunteer Engagement: Engage volunteers from different countries, such as the USA, Denmark, and Singapore, to contribute to the Circle of Love program and create a diverse and inclusive community.
4. Promote Acts of Service: Encourage acts of service and kindness by providing an avenue for participants to engage in meaningful interactions, showing care and compassion.
5. Support Spiritual Engagement: Offer an opportunity for participants to discuss spiritual practices, share bhajans, and hear stories from resident mothers, promoting spiritual growth and learning.

Details about beneficiaries

The widow population in India is estimated to be around 40 million. The highest concentration of them, currently around 10,000, is in the holy city of Vrindavan and Radhakund. Neglected and abandoned by their families, due to death of spouse or other family circumstances, these women (mothers) have flocked to Vrindavan over the years to find help and spend the last years of their life in spiritual / religious activities in the holy city. Most of them are in the age group of 65-80 and hence not

For more Info about the organization, visit Organization Website Link


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