The global outbreak of Covid-19 has brought financial uncertainty to many households. Women being the primary caregivers, need to be equipped with the right financial knowledge to make informed financial decisions for their families.

  • Ongoing
  • Women Empowerment
  • Pan India
  • www.unitedwaymumbai.org
  • As per Availability
  • INR Up to 50,000
  • The proceeds would be utilized for procurement of necessary equipment (stationery supplies, printout

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Last Updated On 20 January 2021

Volunteer Requirements

  • 25 Volunteers needed
  • All Age Group Preferred
  • NA
  • Volunteers will be oriented atleast a week prior to the activity.

To Contact

  • Sanaa Shaikh
  • Director - Investor Relations
Equipping women with financial literacy skills

Financial Literacy For Women (Virtual Volunteering)


United Way Mumbai

Program Description

United Way Mumbai is inviting employee volunteers to equip women and adolescent girls from the marginalized and low income communities with the right financial knowledge to make informed financial decisions for their families.


Need of the Project 

Money concerns have always been a challenge and more so now given the uncertainty of a steady income. Women being the primary caregivers are often not involved in taking financial decisions fo the family, hence, need to be equipped with right financial knowledge. Employee volunteers can share their skills by conducting a virtual session on financial literacy. The aim of these sessions would be to empower women by equipping them with essential financial knowledge and skills to effectively manage their personal finances.


Volunteer's role 

Each employee volunteer will work with a group of women and introduce them to concepts such as income, expenditure, budgeting, saving, investing, banking facilities, etc. They would encourage beneficiaries to prioritize, budget and plan for expenses, understand the financial and emotional costs of borrowing, identify financial goals and consider the merits of opening a savings bank account.

Key Partners: Corporate Partner, NGOs

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