Traditional education system has done little to resolve the mismatch between skills possessed by new entrants and those required by employers in today’s rapidly evolving global economy. You can help youth acquire job relevant knowledge and skills to secure a job as well as retain it.

  • Ongoing
  • Skill Development & Employment
  • Pan India
  • www.unitedwaymumbai.org
  • As per Availability
  • INR Up to 50,000
  • The proceeds would be utilized for the procurement of necessary equipment (interview kit, stationery

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Last Updated On 31 December 2020

Volunteer Requirements

  • 25 Volunteers needed
  • All Age Group Preferred
  • NA
  • Volunteers will be oriented at least a week prior to the activity.

To Contact

  • Sanaa Shaikh
  • Director - Investor Relations
Helping youth be ready for the workplace

Series On Job Readiness For Youth (Virtual Volunteering)


United Way Mumbai

Program Description

70% of our educated youth remain unemployable as they do not have skills required for the job market. Mainstream education does not cover problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, language comprehension and general knowledge.  


Volunteer's Role:

Employee volunteers can help youth be ready for the work place and equip them with requisite financial knowledge by conducting a 4-day live series on –


  • Resume Writing: Teach resume writing, email etiquette and strategies for a successful job search.
  • Job interview skills: Provide insights on workplace expectations, tips on preparing for interviews and conduct mock interviews.
  • Grooming and soft skills: Conduct a workshop on grooming (from work place perspective) and job related soft skills such as motivation, self-confidence, critical thinking, problem solving, flexibility, leadership skills, etc.
  • Financial literacy: Introduce concepts such as income, expenditure, budgeting, saving, investing, banking facilities, etc.



Depending on the nature and scope of the activity, a group of employees will be divided across activities to be conducted over 4 days. Each group of employees will be required to conduct the given activity digitally over platforms like Zoom or Google Meet.

Key Partners: Corporate Partner, NGOs

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