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CSRBOX- Everything about CSR

CSRBOX is India's largest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) analytics and information platform. It lists CSR portfolio of companies falling under the ambit of mandatory CSR as per the Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013. It offers list of companies, CSR projects, CSR foundations and implementing agencies. Additionally, it lists CSR service providers and news& reports related to businesses and CSR foundations.
The platform is the single largest CSR information dashboard for CSR heads, board members of companies, nonprofit leaders, fundraisers, government agencies and social businesses to find latest updates in CSR domain in India. The platform is powered by India's largest social sector platform NGOBOX.

Beyond the marketplace

CSRBOX is not just a platform to list organizations and provide a marketplace, it takes the engagement with organizations a step higher, where grass-root organizations are provided support and outreach services to help them connect with businesses that are looking for good CSR implementation partners. The symbiotic partnerships service also focuses on facilitating business-business (B2B) collaboration for larger CSR projects that ultimately helps in reducing the duplication of efforts by various agencies.
Broadly, it's a combination of online and offline support services to businesses, CSR services providers and CSR implementation partners to actualize CSR partnerships.
CSRBOX is a platform for:
  • Companies CSR portfolio with financial, thematic and geographic information
  • CSR projects of companies with location, partners and budget
  • Vetted CSR partners profile, services providers and products suppliers (Solar, water purification, education-kit etc)
  • Latest CSR news, press releases and updates
  • CSR reports and analytics
  • CSR advisory services for businesses, nonprofits and social businesses
  • Outreach for nonprofits and social businesses
  • Case-studies, video documentation, interviews of CSR leaders, impact stories and in-content promotion
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