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The company contributed to CSR by contributing fund and initiating action for Community development, Economic Empowerment and Farmer Development Program.


Farming and agriculture are the backbone of the Indian economy, and they serve as a foundation for all other industries. It is critical that farmers are provided with targeted support in order to grow and progress. 


In harmony with this philosophy, MIF launched its first sector specific program #Innovate2Cultivate in 2018 with a sharp focus on the agricultural sector. The aim of the program was to bring agri-innovations to scale and eventually double the coconut farmers’ income through increased production or productivity. 


The program also aims to solve current linear agricultural challenges for the coconut crop with the assistance of disruptive innovations.

This is in line with our efforts to spur and nurture innovations in the country, one sector at a time.

As a part of this initiative MIF conducted an exhaustive outreach where the team contacted more than 500 Indian agri-preneurs in a span of 45 days. The result was a focused shortlist of 37 innovations seen as promising innovations fit to solve challenges faced by the coconut crop; thus making MIF’s first ever Agri cohort. These innovations are now being provided with customized mentoring, support and relevant interventions.

Implementation Partners
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Parachute Kalpavriksha Foundation, Direct Implementation

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