BridgeIT- CADAM,DF (2020-21)

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BridgeIT, as a youth entrepreneurship program, has played a pivotal role in enhancing access to new opportunities. The program enables economic growth to be more inclusive, allowing rural entrepreneurship to become key enablers in overcoming discrimination and raising the standards of living of those in rural areas.

TCS’ BridgeIT is a digital-driven effort to support young men and women within rural India that are unreached, equipping them to start small yet flourishing businesses. Youth who undergo training through BridgeIT are empowered to take up digital entrepreneurship in their villages, becoming enablers of socio-economic change. These youth also support literacy among illiterate adults in the village and help school children develop digital skills. The program empowers women participants in particular, who have dismantled social limitations in their villages, becoming change agents.

An intensive training infrastructure, access to digital tools and resources ensures that youth emerge as confident, savvy entrepreneurs that are empowered to take on digitally enabled service lines that not only support their own financial independence but also create a much needed connect for rural populations.

BridgeIT is implemented by TCS in collaboration with non-governmental organizations (NGO) that work to support rural youth from socially and economically disadvantaged sections of the rural community. The digital entrepreneurs that the BridgeIT program helps nurture become point persons in their villages for both public and private digital services.

The program leverages TCS’ human capital, represented by the talent and creativity of its workforce to mentor the target audience, bringing in their expertise to enhance outcomes.

The strengths of the BridgeIT project are that it is:

• Leveraging technology as an enabler

• Facilitating entrepreneurship through Common Service Centers (CSC) and last mile banking services

• Enabling a significant shift in economic status

• Breaking down social barriers

• Aided by the right deployment partners in field implementation

• Deployed in the most backward districts of India

Implementation Partners
Centre for Alternative Dalit Media

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Bihar,Chandigarh,Jharkhand,Madhya Pradesh,Uttar Pradesh,West Bengal