Improved Agriculture Practices

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The Foundation has been working to improve the yields of rural areas by introducing Improved Agriculture Practices among the Project Participants and reduce the dependency on few crops by encouraging diversity of cropping for long-term sustainability. The Project supports cultivation of finger millets, vegetable cultivation, Rabi crops and support for floriculture cultivation.

Paddy is the main crop of rural areas and also the staple diet of the tribal families. However, the productivity of paddy is very low at about 3-4 quintals/acre. There is ample scope for improvement in the productivity by motivating and educating the farmers to adopt improved cultivation practices.

The Project supports improved cultivation of Paddy on plots of 10 R (100 sq. meters). Total of 21.50 Acres have been covered under this activity. It was found that per acre yield of Paddy ranged between 5-6 quintals (average 5.30 quintals), which is 20-25% higher (average 22 %) than traditional form of cultivation.

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