CSR Projects Impact Assessment

The ‘CSR Amendments Rules 2021’ under the Companies Act 2013, has clearly outlined mandatory Impact Assessment of CSR projects for certain class of companies and certain project types. As per the amendments:

  • A company with average INR 10 Cr CSR obligation in preceding three financial years, shall have to get an impact assessment of each of the projects of INR 1cr or above done by an independent agency
  • The impact assessment needs to be done before completion of one year of the end of the project
  • Companies can budget maximum 5% of the CSR spent (actual spent) or INR 50 Lakh for the CSR impact assessment, whichever is lesser
  • The CSR impact assessment report will be annexed to the annual report on CSR

CSRBOX Services for CSR Projects and Impact Assessment

CSRBOX has been working on CSR project lifecycle for companies and CSR foundations since the CSR became mandatory in India. Our CSR project services cover:

  • Needs assessment for CSR project prioritization
  • CSR project ideation and concept framework for need-based projects
  • Peer-review and historical analysis of various projects for best of the project design
  • Baseline study and community aspiration-mapping
  • Theme-wise project conceptualization, implementation framework and M&E plan
  • Social Return on Investment framework design, training and execution
  • Project periodic monitoring
  • CSR project impact assessment for CSR compliance
  • CSR project case studies development and impact communication
  • CSR project benchmarking for future improvisation

Our USPs for the CSR Project Impact Assessment

  • In-house team with social sector expertise
  • Technology-enabled system for fast-pacing data-collection, validation and analysis
  • Virtual case-validation and data-collection teams for large-scale, pan-India project
  • Impact assessment to impact communication approach for maximizing project success
  • Digital media team for digital compendium of case studies

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