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A brainchild of CSRBOX, Impact Experience Centre and Academy (Impact XPA) is a first of its kind platform with physical setup in Ahmedabad. It is an ‘under one roof’ platform created to experience impact-oriented projects, innovations, technology, best-in-class products and services in the Indian development context. Impact Centre is the first ever physical display set up for high social impact products, services, solutions or models to allow key stakeholders of the CSR ecosystem to get the firsthand experience of bets of innovations and project ideas that can be fruitful for their ongoing and future endeavor. Whether you are an innovator, an NGO or a corporate, Impact Centre is one stop solution for all collaboration avenues, ideation support and benchmark solutions.

You can enter the Centre with a social problem that you want to address, and we will help you browse through various innovative products, services and integrated program designs that will help you solve your problem. To know more about the Impact Centre, browse through our website. You are also welcome to visit the Centre at Ahmedabad for a more meaningful engagement.

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