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Social Impact Research

More often than not, organizations struggle with identifying the right areas to allocate their time, funds and resources in, leading to low impact and unsustainable projects. Planning a roadmap for your projects without significant and focused information, renders the projects vague and of little help.

CSRBOX, with its in-house research team, collects and consolidates CSR data to carry out sectoral and targeted research pertaining to various CSR aspects. Mapping your organizational expertise to the CSR interest areas of Companies, we aid collaborations and propel high impacts. CSRBOX leads with actionable insights which shape strategic decisions and collaborations for sustainable development. With its focus on theme based research, the team canvasses the social development landscape and aligns key thrust areas with the ever pertinent Sustainable Developments Goals. Our research also revolves around emerging trends of philanthropy by focusing on fundraising vertical directed towards individual giving & mass engagement.

Featured Projects

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

UNDP and Haryana state government have collectively formed the Sustainable Development Goals Coordination Centre (SDGCC) to catalyse the SDG alignment of various organisation and catalyse their progression. The project, in collaboration with CSRBOX, aimed towards understanding the NGO’s alignment with the SDGs in the state of Haryana. Through this project, we have identified and evaluated the top 150 NGOs and their SDG specific contributions in the region.

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

UNICEF India has been actively involved in supporting the Government in enabling each and every child in India to have the best start in life and achieve its full potential. UNICEF works closely with the partners from the private sector to enable them with designing investments into areas that are paramount for children’s development. As the incubator of the IMPAct4Nutrition platform, UNICEF India is playing an important role in supporting the platform to provide the private sector with a unique opportunity to impact social and economic change by promoting malnutrition-free families.


WaterAid has been working in India since 1986 to promote access to safe water and sanitation in both rural and urban areas across 13 states in India. CSRBOX is conducting the market research for WaterAid on the fundraising landscape in India by covering three fundraising verticals: Corporate partnerships, Institutional partnerships and Individual partnerships & Mass Engagement. The study will equip WaterAid with a better understanding of the drivers of engagement with NGOs, corporates, institutional agencies working in the country.

CBM India Trust

CBM India Trust - a leading organization in the sector of disability and development in India- along with CSRBOX, is trying to understand through extensive research study on “Inclusive Education and Skill Development with People with Disability” about the trends in CSR projects in education and skill development in the past two years and their focused areas. In addition, this study also tries to understand the barriers and drivers in designing CSR projects for inclusivity and how ‘Design Thinking’ can help in the social and development sector.

National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)

CSRBOX collaborated with NSDC, a skills development sector leader, to understand CSR priorities and challenges in the skilling ecosystem, with an intention to bridge the gaps. Through its research of CSR data of several companies, their fund flow across sectors, allocation of resources, choice of programmes and the factors influencing these choices, CSRBOX provided insights into the major barriers in adoption and implementation, values chain dynamics and corporate willingness. With the help of structured analysis of primary and secondary data extracted from relevant stakeholders and experts, CSRBOX developed a comprehensive report. The research team also made a brochure highlighting the key findings and learnings, along with various CSR Models and programmatic approaches towards Skills development. The report and brochure, both, discussed in detail why private sector companies should invest in Skill development through CSR.

Piramal Sarvajal

Interested in understanding the CSR ecosystem trends and dynamics in the Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) segment, Piramal Sarvajal associated with CSRBOX. CSRBOX assessed and analyzed data of over 500 companies pertaining to WASH initiatives and prepared a comprehensive report highlighting CSR fund-flow trends for WASH related interventions and recommended ways to improve engagement of companies in such initiatives.

British Council

British Council sought engagement with CSRBOX to identify and facilitate partnerships with credible organizations in India, delivering high impact projects and initiatives towards the development of Education, Gender Equity and Employability Skills development. Through the research of over 300 listed companies, CSRBOX highlighted trends in CSR in the thematic area of Education, Skills and Gender Equality, and mapped British Council with impact driven organizations.

Thematic Research Resources

Outlook Report

The India CSR Outlook Report (ICOR) is an annual research publication of NGOBOX, which presents an in-depth analysis of the CSR spend of large companies in the given financial year.

State Report

CSRBOX carries out state wise analysis of CSR initiative, fund flow, focus areas, neglected areas, major pain points etc. This helps in more informed and strategic decision making process for CSR leaders.

Thematic Report

By thematic analysis, CSRBOX interprets data pertaining to a particular thematic area such as Education, Nutrition, Skill Development etc. and highlights the intensity with which initiatives are being targeted towards them and the various lacunae that still persist and need to be addressed.

SDG Report

As per the world leaders, CSR projects should be aligned to United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, for overall sustainable development. CSRBOX engages in in-depth assessment of CSR spend of large companies and how such projects are aligned with the SDGs.

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