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Walmart Announces $4.8 Million Grant To Improve Farmer Livelihood In India
By PTI On 29 August 2019
Walmart Foundation announced grants of $4.8 million (around 34 crore) to two companies for corporate social responsibility programmes to improve farmer livelihood in India The grant will be given to ....
7 success factors to empowering rural women through ICTs
By Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations On 07 May 2019
The digital revolution has changed the way we work, access information and connect with each other. It offers opportunities to those who can use the new technologies, but also presents new challenges ....
Trump admin announces two women economic empowerment programmes in India
By Business Standard On 12 February 2019
The Trump administration has announced that it will launch two projects in India in partnership with the private sector as part of its historic initiative to empower 50 million women globally to tap t....
Walmart Foundation grants USD 2 million to agriculture project in Andhra Pradesh
By The New Indian Express On 29 June 2018
Walmart Foundation today said it has granted USD 2 million fund to a two-year agriculture project that would help over 6,000 farmers in Andhra Pradesh in getting better market access. Over 6,000 farm....
Lab to land: Reaching out to a million farmers
By Indian Express On 04 January 2018
In these troubled times for agriculture, the big ideas, it seems, are coming more from the states than the Centre. Take, for instance, the Madhya Pradesh government’s Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojan....

India inks $318 million World Bank loan for Tamil Nadu irrigation scheme
By The Economic Times On 28 December 2017
The governments of India and Tamil Nadu on Tuesday signed an agreement with the World Bank for the multilateral lender to provide a $318 million loan for modernisation of irrigation projects in Tamil ....
Smart Farming: This startup has a new irrigation method - one that uses just an app
By The Economic Times On 27 December 2017
Farming - as we know it - may be one of the most stressful occupations in India. Water scarcity, patchy power supply and dearth of labour have consistently led to poor yield, echoing a much larger cr....
Can startups solve agriculture sector issues? Govt seeks proposals in key areas
By Hindustan Times On 26 December 2017
Could startups solve complex issues in India’s agriculture sector, which supports 49% of the workforce? The agriculture ministry thinks so and is hunting for “commercially viable” pr....
WTO: Positive outcome for India as it retains interest of farmers, poor
By Economic Times On 14 December 2017
The outcome of the eleventh ministerial conference (MC11) of the World Trade Organization (WTO) was a positive one for India as the country was able to secure the interests of its farmers as well food....
Agriculture gets solar push with 90% subsidy
By Times of India On 12 December 2017
In a bid to phase out free power and promote the use of renewable energy, the Tamil Nadu government is pushing for the adoption of solar pumps for agriculture, by offering 90% subsidy to the farmers. ....
Technology is beginning to transform Indian agri, education, health
By Times of India On 11 November 2017
Farmers in Devanakonda mandal in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh are dependent on the rains. The area is not irrigated. The farmers are relatively poor, with landholdings of 2-3 acres each, and gro....
A list of 11 large agriculture CSR projects in India
By Akshay Bhole On 25 May 2017
1. HDFC Bank Project Title: Assistance to the Farmer  HDFC bank provided assistance to farmer in soil and water conservation, water management, construction, renovation and maintenance of water....