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CSR Analysis of BSE Big 269 Companies (FY 2019-20)
By CSRBOX On 07 December 2020
The India CSR Outlook Report (ICOR) is an annual research publication of CSRBOX and NGOBOX, which presents an in-depth analysis of the CSR spend of large companies in the last financial year. The 2020 report is the 6th such annual publication after 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 reports. The report....
COVID-19 Response by Indian Companies, CSR and Philanthropy
By CSRBOX On 13 May 2020
Introduction and Research Methodology   The outbreak of COVID-19 has led to huge ramifications across the world. With a large population and relatively evolving health system in India, it is a challenge to contain the spread of COVID-19 and address the surge of the patients to be tr....
CSR & Education Projects in India (FY2019)
By CSRBOX On 27 April 2020
An analysis of CSR portfolio of over 600 large companies in India. Over 88% companies invested CSR fund in one or more education projects Education enriches people’s understanding of themselves and the world. It provides them with knowledge, scientific temperament and necessary life skill....
CSR Projects in Education by Oil, Lubricants & Petroleum Industry (FY2019)
By CSRBOX On 20 April 2020
While the introduction of CSR in India has largely improved the accountability of businesses, it has also lead to industries identifying themselves with specific social causes and passionately driving across the projects year on year. Thus, it becomes crucial to study how different industries respon....
CSR Project in Education by IT & Telecommunication Industry (FY2019)
By CSRBOX On 20 April 2020

SDG Reporting for CSR Projects in Education in India (FY 2019)
By CSRBOX On 18 April 2020
CSR & SDGs are known to have co-evolved, forming the driving forces for the business policies today. While the SDGs ensure development in coherence with the global landscape, the CSR initiatives can be leveraged at local level to meet the SDG targets for the country. Through this report, we ana....
CSR for Education in Aspirational Districts (FY2019)
By CSRBOX On 17 April 2020
The 'Transformation of Aspirational Districts' programme aims to remove the heterogeneity in India's development through a mass movement that quickly and effectively transforms these districts. Thus, the programme strategically focuses the development interventions to occur in an accelerated manner ....
CSR & EdTech Projects in India
By CSRBOX On 16 April 2020
  EdTech is an emerging sector at the intersection of Technology and Education, and can be broadly categorised into tech-enabled solutions and services. Breaking the barriers of inadequate teachers, infrastructure and access, EdTech projects can help bridge the educational divides and help in ....
Here is how the large 50 global organisations & leaders are responding to COVID-19?
By CSRBOX On 26 March 2020
The COVID-19, as of today, has accounted for about 473308 positive cases and more than 114787 deaths. While the world is preparing for combating the pandemic through self-isolation and strategic diagnostics & treatment, it faces challenges in terms of economic loss, inadequate health infras....