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CSR in India-Numbers Do Add up- July 2018 Report
By NGOBOX and CSRBOX On 04 July 2018
This report ‘CSR in India: The Numbers Do Add Up’ is an effort to bring forth the big picture of CSR fund flow in India and catalyse CSR partnership for ‘better impacts’. The report covers the big 500 companies of India, largely listed on Bombay Stock Exchange and National St....
The CSR Impact Book - A collection of CSR Impact Awards-winning projects of 2017
By NGOBOX and CSRBOX On 02 July 2018
The CSR Impact Awards is an initiative of NGOBOX to encourage companies, CSR foundations and CSR implementing agencies to deliver high impacts through CSR projects and adopt multi-stakeholder approach, leading to excellence in project outcomes. This initiative focuses on identifying high impact CSR ....
Snapshot of CSR Spend in Privately - Owned Companies in India
By NGOBOX and CSRBOX On 26 June 2018
This report is the second report in the series of understanding CSR spend and priorities among privately-owned companies in India. The first report ‘India CSR Outlook Report 2017-Unlitsed Companies’ was released by NGOBOX and CSRBOX in April 2017. We had received an overwhelming response....
CSR Report on Unlisted Private Companies in India (2017)
By NGOBOX On 28 April 2017
1st Report on CSR Spent of Unlisted Private Companies in India (FY15-16) 25 April 2017. India’s largest development and CSR platform-NGOBOX has come out with a report on ÇSR spend analysis of private limited companies. This is the first report on CSR analysis of unlisted ....
Gujarat CSR Outlook Report 2017
By NGOBOX On 28 April 2017
Gujarat CSR Outllok Report 2017 was launched in Gujarat CSR Meet Up on 16th Feb 2017 in Ahmedabad. Out of the 160 companies included in the study, 17 were PSU. The total CSR spend by these  (160) companies in Gujarat alone is Rs 375.66 Cr. As per the national study done by NGOBOX, Gujarat get 5....

India CSR Outlook Report 2016
By NGOBOX On 28 April 2017
  The ‘India CSR Outlook Report (ICOR), is an annual research publication of NGOBox, which highlights the various curves and developments in the CSR spending by big 250 companies listed on BSE or NSE. The first publication (published in 2015) was hugely appreciated by the various stakeho....
India CSR Outlook Report 2015
By NGOBOX On 21 April 2017
‘India CSR Outlook Report' is an annual report on CSR spend analysis of BSE listed big 250 companies. The report is released every year in the inaugural session of India's largest CSR event Índia CSR Summit & Exhibition'. The first report was published in 2015. The report provides a....