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Youthbol - a campaign by Centre for Catalyzing Change (C3)
By Centre for Catalyzing Change (C3) & USAID On 31 October 2019
For too long, in public and private spaces, decisions have been made on behalf of and in the name of adolescents and young people. It is time now to include the voices of young people in formulating agendas and policies for the youth are envisaged. It’s time this changed. The YouthBol Campaign....
Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey 2016–2018
By MoHFW On 14 October 2019
India’s impressive economic growth has led to considerable progress in improving livelihoods for the most vulnerable. This dynamic progress lifted 271 million people out of poverty in one decade, but strong income inequality persists (OPHI, 2019). Malnutrition has been identified as one of th....
SDG India Index - Baseline Report 2018
By NITI Aayog On 21 December 2018
NITI Aayog undertook the extensive exercise of measuring India and its States’ progress towards the SDGs for 2030, culminating in the development of the first SDG India Index - Baseline Report 2018[PDF]34.72 MB. The SDG India Index is intended to provide a holistic view on the social, economi....