Non Profit and Implementing Agencies


Nishita Mehta

Head- Partnerships

Since the lock-down, Tamarind Tree is running open and free online classes for children ages 6 to 16 years, from across India. Through the CSRBOX portal, we've been extremely fortunate to tie up with various corporates like Cognizant who have given us committed and enthusiastic volunteers. Volunteers have been open, hardworking and willing to work to not just take online classes, but create videos and engaging content for children. This is really a new beginning for education - where professionals with domain expertise are working to impart knowledge and skills to children. Thank you CSRBOX

- Neha K, Outreach Lead, Tamarind Tree

With corporate social responsibility becoming more prominent in the business world, it is usually the nonprofits that are at the frontline of implementation of social and/or environmental programs. Nonprofits, by their very nature, are dedicated to their cause and use their existing infrastructure, network and expertise to drive impact on ground. Companies looking to scale up their CSR efforts often turn to the unique resources available through the nonprofit sector, to help them establish and achieve corporate social impact goals. CSR is now not only being pushed by the government, but is also being demanded by customers, shareholders, and employees. Hence there is no better time for companies and nonprofits to work together to help businesses operate more sustainably and responsibly.

We at CSRBOX, have been working since 2013 with cross functional teams, to induce conversation, implementation and impact in favor of social development and the unprivileged communities. CSRBOX supports nonprofits, NGOS and implementing agencies by offering various services aimed at improving their visibility, reach, impact and chances of collaboration. Having had substantial experience in working closely with corporate leaders and nonprofits, to accelerate CSR efforts, strengthen process and amplify impact, CSRBOX offers the following service portfolio for nonprofits to engage in effective CSR.

Our Expertise

Consulting & Advisory

CSRBOX supports organizations to systematically design and strategically deliver CSR initiatives and help them integrate innovations and best practices into such projects. We also facilitate effective collaboration between relevant players such as corporate donors, CSR foundations, nonprofits and social enterprises, and provides end-to-end solutions in program management, communication and outreach.


Impact Communication and Outreach

CSRBOX brings to you an array of avenues in the form of Impact stories, Impact Talks, podcasts, interviews, thought leadership articles, and much more, to strengthen your online presence and showcase your work to reach the right audiences. We help you strike the much needed synergies to make the most impact.


Due-diligence & NGO Validation

CSRBOX undertakes close assessment of NGO’s legal, fiscal and regulatory compliances through a desk review, along with extensive research of the NGO’s organizational and programmatic profile. Having been validated and accredited by CSRBOX, the NGO is enlisted on the CSRBOX platform. This helps them get better visibility and outreach support among relevant stakeholders and donors, and also helps them identify areas of improvement.


Employee Volunteering

CSRBOX hosts verified proposals for well-structured Volunteering initiatives from nonprofits to support their cause, giving opportunity to Corporate leaders who can contribute towards a cause they and their employees feel strongly about. Not only does this empower the volunteer, but also helps the Organization fill in the skill gaps with Corporate expertise.


Social Impact Research

CSRBOX leads with actionable insights which shape strategic decisions and collaborations for sustainable development. Our research also revolves around emerging trends of philanthropy by focusing on fundraising vertical directed towards individual giving & mass engagement.


Online Platform

By providing a conducive environment for nonprofits, CSR foundations and implementing agencies, CSRBOX aids meaningful collaborations. Organizations can login and register on the platform to pitch proposals, shortlist companies, organizations and projects, and convert funding opportunities.


Impact Experience Centre and Academy

It is an ‘under one roof’ platform created to experience impact-oriented projects, innovations, technology, best-in-class products and services in the Indian development context. We, at Impact XPA, will explore solutions integrated with innovations and best practices to address a social problem you bring to us.


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