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Dahini - Sustainable Solution to Sanitary Waste


Product : Dahini - Sustainable and Economical Solution to Sanitary Waste


Location : Maharashtra


Project Description

Abstract: Dahini is a compact wall mounted machine which is capable of disposing the sanitary waste without human intervention. A decentralized solution to menstrual waste, Dahini is extremely economical and convenient. It is also capable of eradicating the water and soil pollution to a great extent. A practise as simple as taking care of your own waste will create a great impact on basic sanitation and health of the nation.


Problem: Sanitary waste is one of the biggest issues our environment and community is facing. With no way to recycle, the sanitary napkins lie in the landfills or are flown away through the river producing infections for 400-500 years. These used pads are also seen choking the drainage pipes, where they are forced to be removed manually. The waste pickers that handle the sanitary waste from households often complain of infections and diseases. Moreover, it is beyond human dignity to handle such kind of waste.


The Solution (Dahini): To overcome the above mentioned problems, we have come up with a compact destroyer of the size of a letterbox that can be installed at any household/institutional toilet. We urge ladies to put their used sanitary pads into Dahini and simply push a start button. With our machine getting installed into every public or private washrooms, we can ensure optimum sanitary hygiene for the ground level workers and waste pickers and ultimately to the society. This decentralized solution would ensure that not a single used sanitary pad is getting mixed with other MSW (Municipal Solid Waste).


Brief about the Innovation The napkins in Dahini would be destroyed in a 15 minutes of cycle. We have used a 500 Watt heater than runs for only 4 minutes per cycle resulting into an extremely low electrical consumption. The cost to burn one napkin in Dahini is just Rs.0.04 as against the cost of Rs.5 paid by the Pune Municipal Corporation to destroy each sanitary pad.


Special Features Of Project

  • Prevent soil pollution - Since the destroyer discourages from putting any sanitary waste into the dustbins or landfills, there would be eventually reduced number of landfill requirement for sanitary waste.
  • Prevent water pollution - A huge chunk of menstrual waste is openly thrown into the rivers and other water bodies in India. With the introduction and acceptance of such convenient destroyers, we could save our water bodies from a huge chunk of pollutants.
  • Minimal air pollution – We have an inbuilt filter in our exhaust that ensures that no carbon particulate matter comes out of the exhaust. We have also conducted a lab test approved by Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) to check for the emission gases and to our emission and 10 times lesser than the prescribed limits of MPCB.
  • Improved health and sanitation - When not even a single infectious napkin comes out of a building or house or institution, we would ensure increased overall sanitary health and awareness
  • Lesser probability of infections - Since the filthy waste would no longer be in contact with any other human being or exposed for a prolonged duration, the changes of infections due to them goes away.
  • Reduced costs for disposal - The humongous cost attached to incinerate sanitary waste gets reduced up to 10 times which in turn encourages more usage. The cost to burn one pad is only Rs.0.04.
  • Utility – This machine is so compact and lightweight that it can get installed or even wall-mounted to each and every woman’s washroom.
  • Scalability – Since we have made our machine affordable to all, Dahini can be installed to each and every public toilet, schools, colleges and hostel’s washroom, in every apartment or building floor, bungalow and offices or institutions. With the increased demand for sanitary pads, Dahini can get installed to rural as well as urban places.
  • Ease of Maintenance – Dahini works with any single phase electric supply that can be even wall mounted. User would only have to insert the napkin and push the start button. The pad gets burnt automatically and the heater would be switched off after 7 minutes.
  • Health and dignity of waste pickers - A large impact of this project would be on the lives of waste pickers and towards extricating them from the violations of basic human integrity.
  • Dignity of a woman remains intact - No need for a woman to feel embarrassed for her menstrual napkin being exposed and handled by another human being. She can now take charge of the situation by managing her own waste.

Project Type : CSR


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