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I must say the entire on-boarding process from CSRBOX is seamless and highly assisted. CSRBOX has helped us showcase our concepts and programs to the CSR industry. We have also received interest from corporates for various programs. Even the technology aspect is useful and mostly automated. Hope you will have a good time using it!

- Shaunak Ghose, Vice President - Strategic Alliances & Partnership, Buddy4Study

Social enterprises (products, Tech enterprises and more), innovators and service providers are positioned uniquely in the CSR ecosystem. With innovative products and services that have the potential to boost impact, while cutting costs and effort, social enterprises add the fuel of efficiency to the CSR engine. CSRBOX, through its online platform and outreach services, provides a pedestal to such unique products and services, and ensure that it reaches the right target groups.

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Communication and Outreach

CSRBOX promotes effective and innovative solutions to social challenges that plague a large section of our society. We verify, validate and enlist innovations for the CSR community on the platform for better visibility and enhanced social impact. CSRBOX’s newsletters and social media posts further promote innovative solutions 2wamong relevant stakeholders.


Online Platform is a one stop destination for Donor agencies and Corporate CSR heads to look for meaningful partnerships and enhance their shared value. Social enterprises, innovators and service providers can also use the platform to enlist, showcase and promote their products and services being offered for the CSR stakeholders.


Impact Experience Centre and Academy

It is an ‘under one roof’ platform created to experience impact-oriented projects, innovations, technology, best-in-class products and services in the Indian development context. Impact XPA aims to integrate innovations to address real problems and find the best-fit solutions in a customized design and delivery approach.


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