Corporate And Donor Agencies


Nishita Mehta

Head- Partnerships

I am really happy with the way the report has finally come out. I think this would set standards for other states to follow.

- Mr. Piyush Dhawan, UNDP Haryana

The Private sector has the resources and capabilities that can be harnessed to solve world’s social and environmental challenges. When merged with the intent for social good, we believe, the private sector corporations can play a pivotal role in India’s social transformation. With Corporate Social Responsibility becoming mandatory in India, many private sector companies, unfamiliar to the social development sector, grapple with planning and execution of CSR projects effectively and efficiently.

We at CSRBOX, have been working since 2013 with cross functional teams, to induce conversation, implementation and impact in favor of social development and the unprivileged communities. We support corporate and donor agencies to ideate, plan, strategize and design CSR initiatives by following best practices, experiential know-how and leveraging technology. Our aim is to ensure that your investments are utilized effectively, to improve the lives of beneficiaries and communities and create shared value.

Our Expertise

Consulting & Advisory

CSRBOX supports Corporate and Donor agencies in project management, ideation, building strategy, planning and propelling collaboration with credible nonprofits. We also facilitate communication, outreach and marketing for Corporate’s CSR initiatives.


Impact Communication and Outreach

CSRBOX brings to you an array of avenues in the form of Impact stories, Impact Talks, podcasts, interviews, thought leadership articles, and much more, to strengthen your online presence and showcase your work to reach the right audiences. We help you strike the much needed synergies to make the most impact.


Employee Volunteering

CSRBOX hosts verified proposals for well-structured Volunteering initiatives from nonprofits to support their cause, giving opportunity to Corporate leaders who can contribute towards a cause they and their employees feel strongly about.


Due-diligence & NGO Validation

CSRBOX undertakes close assessment of NGO’s legal, fiscal and regulatory compliances through a desk review, along with extensive research of the NGO’s organizational and programmatic profile. We undertake due diligence and ethical check of nonprofits for Corporate funding, to help them assess compliance and eligibility of nonprofits to receive grants.


Social Impact Research

CSRBOX leads with actionable insights which shape strategic decisions and collaborations for sustainable development. With its focus on theme based research, the team canvasses the social development landscape and aligns key thrust areas with the ever pertinent Sustainable Developments Goals.


Online Platform is a one stop destination for Donor agencies and Corporate CSR heads to look for meaningful partnerships and enhance their shared value. For donors, CSRBOX provides an interactive dashboard to streamline the process of identifying credible nonprofits, accessing detailed proposals, shortlisting organizations, proposals, products and projects, to further your CSR objectives.


Collaborative Platforms

Positioned suitably to aid rewarding collaborations, CSRBOX co-creates independent platforms to engage in meaningful partnerships for a common cause, reach out to relevant stakeholders, and spearhead deliberations to strengthen implementation and impact.


Impact Experience Centre and Academy

It is an ‘under one roof’ platform created to experience impact-oriented projects, innovations, technology, best-in-class products and services in the Indian development context. Impact XPA aims to integrate innovations to address real problems and find the best-fit solutions in a customized design and delivery approach


Corporate Clients