Avaada Foundation's Nagepur Community Center: Empowering Through Education & Skills

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April 15, 2024

Avaada Foundation's Nagepur Community Center: Empowering Through Education & Skills

Avaada Foundation

As a source of community empowerment, social coherence & resilience, skill development, and much more, community development centres play a crucial role in enhancing local communities. Acting as a bridge between the individuals and the opportunities, these centres play a vital role in promoting social well-being and nurturing sustainable growth.

The primary motive for establishing any community development centre is to empower communities by promoting individuals and providing them with the necessary resources for skill development and improvement. This is achieved by setting up educational programmes, skill-building, vocational training, and promoting talent, aiding individuals to unleash their capabilities to the fullest and grab every opportunity that aids in personal and professional growth.

With people joining from diverse backgrounds, these centres provide a platform for social interaction, and the members to build relations and share experiences. This social connection helps individuals strengthen their social skills and nurture a strong character within themselves. 

These communities also provide ample training for skill development that can promote economic growth by exploring numerous finance-generating opportunities. With a handful of skills, these individuals contribute towards employment and income generation, thus contributing to the overall welfare and prosperity of society.

Apart from individual enhancement, community development centres prioritise public welfare by hosting healthcare initiatives. From wellness programmes to healthcare education and facilitating healthcare services like conducting polio vaccination duties overall in the cities, villages, and towns, these centres have always proven to step forward and take charge of the initiative and the responsibilities for the betterment of the communities.

These centres also play a vital role in conducting training programmes, especially in rural areas, and mobilise resources for community development. They act as a link between government/private organizations and the communities for a direct trade of resources sufficient to build ventures facilitating economic growth. Often as an act of philanthropy, the entities provide the residents with abundant resources, for example, rural areas are provided with hybrid seeds and adequate training to sow them to produce numerous varieties of vegetables or fruits, thus providing economic stability to the farmers and their families.

Such an act of philanthropy was observed in Varanasi, when Avaada Foundation, a part of Avaada Group, established a community development centre in Nagepur village of Varanasi for the development and betterment of society. The commencement holds a promise to empower and educate individuals and foster community upliftment with efficient skill training and comprehensive education initiatives.

Community Development Centre for the Youth

In the presence of the MLA of the Rohania legislative assembly, Dr Sunil Patel inaugurated the ceremony with an assurance that with the collaboration of the team and the communities, a stride can be taken towards the skill development of the youth and uplift them for the betterment of society.

The Community aims to promote development and education by offering numerous extensive education and skill development programmes. The academic window offers coaching sessions for class 9th to 12th students, covering English, science, and mathematics. In addition to this, the centre has also established a Digital Learning Platform where individuals can amplify their technological skills. 

The platform aims to educate children with the skills of computer programming and coding, thus helping youth to be proficient in the field of technology. The entire transformative project aims to pave an educational landscape and provide the youth with adequate education and resources for self and community building. In pursuit of personal and professional growth, the youth directly or indirectly impacts the well-being of society, acting as a catalyst for the nourishment and development of the communities.

Impact Created

Effective participation can be observed in the community centre which checks the primary achievement list of the Avaada Foundation. An appreciable gender ratio of 60:40 shows the interest and active participation of girls and shines a light on the group's commitment to youth empowerment and disgracing gender disparity. 

Digital literacy is a term defined as the ability of an individual to acquire technology-related skills and put them to effective use. Under the Digital Learning Platform initiative, initially, 25 systems are installed in the community for coding training, with registration surpassing more than 100, indicating a high influx of enthusiasm and dedication towards learning something new and advancing technology. 

The foundation hasn't limited this initiative only to Nagepur village.  The light of commitment towards community development has shown them the way to Jayapur village of Varanasi where with extensive efforts an educational environment is created. Well-furnished classrooms with smart boards and digital centres for coding and programming purposes are established, and providing workshops on cybersecurity, entrepreneurship, and career counselling by experts is leading students toward a path of a bright future. 

The initiative is a success in both Nagepur and Jayapur villages. The youth is keen and excited to be a part of such communities and pursue a healthy career. The communities are holding events, contests, and celebrating festivals, bringing youth of diverse personalities together and creating a social network. The Avaada Foundation with such a glorious response is charged up to set up such community development centres in other parts of the city. 

In addition to all the mentioned impacts the Avaada group has created over different communities, they are also launching a pan-India scholarship that aims to provide financial aid to students across the country. 


Amid all the difficulties and hardships these local communities have to go through, a path of development and sustainable living is carved by the Avaada Foundation. Youth who might lack the facilities, the resources, and the opportunities to strive further, are now able to learn and acquire the skills for the pursuit of personal and professional development. 

Quality education is a fundamental right and the deserving need not compromise on their rights over a lack of facilities and resources. The foundation seeks to provide quality education to each deserving individual with continuous strides and efficient management, playing a multifaceted role, by promoting development via training facilities and building sustainable communities.

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