KRSF and Sarjan Foundation Aid Underprivileged Children in Banaskantha District

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April 18, 2024

KRSF and Sarjan Foundation Aid Underprivileged Children in Banaskantha District

Dr. KR Shroff Foundation (KRSF)

Dr. KR Shroff Foundation (KRSF) has formed a relationship with the Sarjan Foundation to improve the lives of countless impoverished youngsters. Sarjan Foundation operates a Vocational Training Centre called MARG in Rampur-Vadla village, Amirgadh taluka, Banaskantha district, to help disadvantaged youngsters improve their skills and find work.


The Vocational Training Centre now enrols around 350 secondary school dropouts aged 16 to 22. As part of the agreement, KRSF has helped improve the lives of around 279 children by providing financial support for their mess expenses for over two years.

Infrastructure Support for Holistic Development

In addition to these expenditures, KRSF is supporting two significant infrastructure projects for the foundation as part of their cooperation. The first comprises constructing a multi-functional 600-seater hall for students' multi-faceted study, while the second entails the construction of a Boys' Hostel that can house up to 300 students.


Uday Desai, President of KRSF, commented on the collaboration, saying, Sarjan Foundation's vocational training centre at Rampur-Vadla is playing an important role here by upskilling and training students who have either failed their class X or were forced to drop out of school due to socioeconomic reasons. This allows people to make a living and achieve self-reliance. However, the group used to experience persistent difficulties in obtaining funding.


To alleviate this, KRSF collaborated with the Sarjan Foundation to provide financial assistance for Mess expenses and critical infrastructure development on campus, including a multi-functional hall and a new boys hostel for 300 students. KRSF is happy to work with the Sarjan Foundation because it expands our aim of helping rural, poor areas through education," Desai stated.

Impact Created

KRSF's assistance for the Sarjan Foundation's programme has benefited numerous young people from that area who have received vocational training and are now working in reputable firms around Gujarat.


One such fantastic tale is that of 21-year-old Raju Laxmanbhai Mulana, who overcame several obstacles. Raju failed his class X examinations and eventually dropped out of school. His mother had died, and his father, a farm labourer, suffered from a severe illness. His uncle raised Raju, and his chances of landing a job were slim after dropping out.


Raju's life, however, changed for the better when he learnt about the Sarjan Foundation's vocational training via awareness and outreach activities held at his school. Raju participated in a 1.5-year welding and CNC operator training course, which he finished in 2021. He remained at the hostel while doing the course and was promptly offered a job upon completion.


Raju now works as a CNC machine operator at PowerDrive Bearings, a firm in Sanand on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, earning Rs 16,500 monthly. Raju has been sending half his pay to his family in the village to assist them and his father's medical care since he started working.


Sarjan Foundation is a non-profit employer devoted to enhancing the significant existence of low-income people through welfare programmes in training, livelihood, healthcare, and girls' empowerment.

Strengthening the Partnership for Holistic Development

Bhupendra Prajapati, Principal, MARG Centre, Sarjan Foundation, emphasised the importance of the partnership with KRSF. The new dorm structure and multi-functional hall will only increase our training delivery and assist us in meeting our infrastructural needs for operating and managing a successful vocational training facility, which has always been a problem. 


Prajapati noted that the vocational training facility offers free 6-month and 1-year courses in welder, fitter, turner, robotics, wireman, and motor rewinding crafts, which would prepare students for employment in the industry. Students get almost 100% placement in various engineering, car, auto ancillary, and other firms in the Sanand industrial region.

KRSF's Relentless Efforts to Transform Rural Education

Over the remaining decade, KRSF has worked tirelessly and efficaciously to improve the exceptional schooling in 665 rural faculties unfold at some stage in 650 villages in Gujarat. The foundation's cooperation with the Sarjan Foundation is another step toward achieving this aim since it provides impoverished children with the capabilities and resources they want to become self-enough and contribute to advancing their groups.


This collaboration has an impact on extending past monetary and infrastructural support. It extends beyond that, providing wishes, opportunities, and a higher existence for Banaskantha district's bad kids.


Sarjan Foundation's vocational education projects offer those younger people the competencies and facts they want to seek jobs in several sectors. By providing them with a platform to examine and increase, the foundation allows people to get far away from the cycle of poverty and become self-enough.


Furthermore, KRSF's architectural assistance, such as constructing a multi-useful hall and a boys' dormitory, now not only improves students' learning experiences but also fosters their development.

A Ripple Effect: Inspiring Others to Follow Their Dreams

Raju Laxmanbhai Mulana's tale demonstrates the transforming potential of education and the influence that coordinated efforts will have on humans and communities. His route from college dropout to professional CNC gadget operator, earning a first-rate living, and helping his circle of relatives is inspiring.


Raju's fulfilment has now not simply altered the direction of his lifestyle but also motivated others in his town to seek comparable possibilities. The fact that 12-thirteen kids from his metropolis registered in the vocational education facility after seeing Raju's turnaround demonstrates the ripple effect that such efforts can also have.

Sarjan Foundation and KRSF not only empower humans with the aid of giving impoverished youngsters with get right of entry to to first-rate vocational training, but they also contribute to the area's well-known increase. Skilled and employed people can gasoline economic development, provide for their families, and break the cycle of poverty that has troubled their groups for centuries.

A Sustainable Model of Empowerment

The relationship between KRSF and the Sarjan Foundation is more than a one-time endeavour; it symbolises an extended-term approach to strengthening hostile groups via training and ability improvement. By resolving Sarjan Foundation's financial and infrastructural problems, KRSF is confident in the vocational training centre's lengthy-time period survival and expansion.


With a steady source of monetary help and the required infrastructure in the area, the vocational training centre can help provide its programmes and services to a broader variety of students, broadening its reach and impacting the place.


Furthermore, the relationship promotes a feeling of possession and pleasure within the neighbourhood network. By including them inside the method and highlighting the achievement stories of individuals like Raju, the project instils hope and thought, encouraging extra humans to engage and contribute to improving their groups.

Future Ahead

The impact narrative of KRSF and Sarjan Foundation's blended work in Banaskantha district demonstrates the reworking electricity of schooling and ability improvement. By collaborating, these two businesses not handiest supplied economic and infrastructure help but also produced a ripple impact of nice change that conjures up and empowers impoverished youngsters to follow their objectives and break unfastened from the shackles of poverty.


Sarjan Foundation's vocational education programmes provide young people with the skills they need to gather jobs and become self-enough, whilst KRSF's infrastructure helps foster holistic development.


The success stories from this partnership, including Raju Laxmanbhai Mulana's, are striking illustrations of how such initiatives might also gain humans and groups. This courting transforms lives simultaneously, motivating others to follow in their footsteps by supplying wishes, opportunities, and a shot at a better life.


As KRSF and Sarjan Foundation continue collaborating, their efforts will benefit the area's universal improvement by stimulating financial growth, empowering humans, and producing a ripple effect of a suitable alternative to close for generations.

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