Vivekanand Hospital - Guardian Angel of Latur during the pandemic

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August 28, 2022

Vivekanand Hospital - Guardian Angel of Latur during the pandemic

Vivekanand hospital

The 2nd wave of COVID-19 has impacted the health landscape in India severely and Latur district in Maharashtra was also fighting the harsh impact.

 65 beds were assigned for the treatment of COVID-19 patients by the hospital. Around 50 doctors and 400 staff – were involved in three shifts for COVID-19 treatment nonstop. All members of the staff were provided with all standard precautions like PPE kits and an N-95 mask.

Empirical data shows that on average COVID-19-affected patients had been hospitalized for a minimum of 10 days. The hospital management and staff ensured that the patients are under regular observation and monitored in 3 shifts round the clock by the consultants, medical officers and para-medical staff. Also, the hospital had engaged patient assistants and other administrative staff for smooth and effective service to the patient.

As universally known that during the second wave patients showed the need for oxygen due and the hospital management and staff ensured that 3 to 4 times more than the routine requirement was made available so that patients’ needs can be taken care of.

For the safety of the patients and the hospital staff, the hospital used additional safety consumables like sanitization chemicals, masks, PPE kits, hand gloves, etc.

This hospital treated COVID-19 patients as per government norms at concessional rates and ensured required medicines are made available at concessional rates at their own pharmacy. The patients were being treated by multiple Govt. Schemes like MJPJAY, IPF, ECHS, etc.

The hospital established a system of treating the patients with optimum care and detailed counseling to their relatives. A team of volunteers from hospital staff working empathetically in COVID-19 wards at all times to ensure they extend holistic support to the patients and their families.

A large number of patients approached the hospital for treatment with deep faith and confidence in the hospital management. This happened to owe to the legacy of the hospital in the area along with the good work shown by the hospital during the pandemic which spread rapidly in the area through word of mouth of patients who have been successfully treated and their families.

Additionally, the government authorities and local institutions like Municipal Council and Social Organizations also applauded the hospital for their dedication to serving people during the pandemic.

The hospital received public applause from noted politician Shri Amit Deshmukh. The hospital staff and management highlight that only because of the wholehearted support of the benevolent organizations, they could shoulder such social responsibilities effectively.

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