Top 50 Companies in CSR Activities Funding in India

With the New Companies Act, 2013, in early April 2014, India became the first country in the world to make Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mandatory. As a result, businesses are allowed to invest all of their profits in areas such as education, gender equality, poverty, and hunger, which is an important element of any CSR compliance. Furthermore, in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has announced that a company's expenditures used to combat the pandemic will be considered valid under various CSR initiatives. Funds may be used for a variety of initiatives related to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as healthcare promotion, including preventative sanitation and healthcare, disaster management, and so on.

The board of directors usually has a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee and all funds provided under the Corporate Social Responsibility programme are primarily and solely for the purpose of addressing social development issues and improving the living standards of hundreds of thousands of economically poor and disadvantaged people in our society so that they can live a dignified and productive life as well. CSR is considered as a corporate initiative to take responsibility for and assess the company's impact on social welfare and environmental repercussions. It has a lot to do with businesses' efforts to promote positive social and environmental change. 

Below is the list of the top 50 companies in CSR activities funding in India in the Financial Year 2020-21.

  1. Reliance Industries Limited

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) spent Rs. 922 crores on CSR initiatives in FY 20-21. The company has been undertaking most of its CSR initiatives through Reliance Foundation only. 

During the financial year, the company has spent 49% of its budget for the promotion of education through scholarships and infrastructure procurement. 

Along with education, the company also focused on the promotion of healthcare, rural development, sports promotion, and environmental sustainability. 

The company’s CSR expenditure portfolio was as follows- Rs. 116 Cr. for healthcare, Rs. 444 Cr. for education, Rs. 192 Cr. for COVID relief activities, Rs. 42 Cr. for livelihood enhancement and Rs. 49 Cr. for sports promotion.

  1. Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Tata Consultancy Services Limited, also known as TCS, has spent Rs. 674 crores on CSR in FY 20-21. 

As a CSR initiative, the company contributed Rs.256 crores to the PM CARES Fund for combating COVID-19. They also helped in providing a Quarantine centre, supply of disinfectant and food packets during the COVID pandemic. 

Apart from these, the company has contributed to education promotion, healthcare, art and culture promotion, and Bridge-IT- a youth entrepreneurship program.

The company’s major expenditure, other than PM Cares, was Rs. 13 Cr. for education, Rs. 17 Cr. for COVID relief activities, Rs. 5 Cr. for healthcare, and Rs. 5 Cr. for community development projects.

  1. HDFC Bank Limited

HDFC Bank contributed Rs. 634.91 crores on CSR in FY 20-21, higher than the prescribed spend of Rs. 627.86 crores. The company has contributed to 200+ projects for CSR in the last financial year. 

Out of Rs. 634.91 crores, Rs. 233.31 crores were spent on financial literacy programs. During the financial year, the bank focused majorly on the promotion of education, rural development, healthcare, and COVID relief.

The company spent Rs. 140 Cr. for holistic rural development, Rs. 100.97 Cr. for COVID relief activities, Rs. 47.31 for education, Rs. 17.79 for farmers' livelihood, Rs. 16.78 for skill development and Rs. 7 Cr. for startups and entrepreneurship programs.

  1. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited

Oil And Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) has spent Rs. 552.98 crores in FY 20-21 on CSR. 

In the pandemic time, the company contributed Rs. 300 crores to PM CARES Fund to fight against COVID. The rest of the amount is spent on rural development, education promotion, environment, healthcare, and sports. 

ONGC has undertaken a wide range of initiatives towards the promotion of education by strengthening educational infrastructure in the country through the construction of Classrooms, creating drinking water facilities for school students, and construction of school toilets which has led to positive enrolment and attendance outcomes. In its endeavour to enhance access to quality education, smart classrooms have been set up in schools across the country, thus making digital education a reality.

Other than PM Cares, the company spent Rs. 57Cr. for education, Rs. 31 Cr. for rural development, Rs. 21 Cr. for healthcare, and INR 4.6 Cr. for sports promotion.

  1. Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IndianOil) is the country’s largest integrated and diversified energy company. 

As a responsible corporation, the company has spent Rs. 460.38 crores on CSR in the last financial year 20-21, Rs. 118 crores higher than the prescribed amount. 

Out of Rs. 460 crores, Rs. 225 crores were contributed to PM CARES Fund for the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With an aim to provide livelihood enhancing skill development training to unemployed & underprivileged youth and to provide skilled human resources to the job-ready industry, the company has set up Skill Development Institute, Bhubaneswar (SDI-B). During the FY 2020-21, about 251 youth were skilled and certified from this SDI-B. 

IndianOil has set up a 100 TPD (tons per day) cattle dung-based Biogas plant at Rajasthan, in alignment with the national goals of ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’, Make in India, and Swachh Bharat mission. 

During 2020- 21, 166 sportspersons benefited from the Indian Oil Sports Scholarship Scheme for sports promotion. 

Apart from these, the company has also focused on healthcare, national heritage conservations, and education promotion. The company contributed INR 30.9 Cr. for education, Rs. 24 Cr. for skill development program, Rs. 16 Cr. for sustainability initiatives and INR 13 Cr. for COVID relief activities.

  1. NTPC Limited

NTPC Limited is an Indian statutory corporation, under the ownership of the Ministry of Power. It has spent an amount of Rs. 418.87 crores on CSR initiatives in FY 20-21, surpassing the prescribed amount of Rs. 278.57.

The company has spent 66% of its CSR budget on healthcare promotion and infrastructure. Additionally, they have contributed to rural development, environment sustainability, sports, education promotion and disaster management. 

The company has contributed to the installation of about 3700 Energy Efficient Pump Systems for borewells in various Districts of Uttar Pradesh and near NTPC stations in the field of farmers during the last two years to wipe out the inefficiency in the agricultural pumping system and save electricity. 

The company is Setting up 50 Sanitary Napkin Mini Manufacturing units (MMU) in the state of Odisha under the “Stree Swabhiman” program. Sanitary napkin manufacturing units are set up at NTPC Sipat, Ramagundam, Tanda, Vindhyachal & Farakka. The product is distributed free of cost to the adolescent girls of Govt. schools. More than 200 women have been imparted training in various vocational courses like sewing, beautician, food processing, etc during the year for self-employability. Tool kits & sewing machines were provided to the successful trainees. 

To sum up, the company spent Rs. 64 Cr. for education, Rs. 33 Cr. for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and Rs. 31 Cr. for rural development projects.

  1. ITC Limited

ITC has a belief that a company's performance must be measured by its Triple Bottom Line contribution to building economic, social, and environmental capital towards enhancing societal sustainability.

In the last financial year, the company constructed 640 Individual Household Toilets (IHHTs) in 28 districts of 15 states in collaboration with the respective State Governments/District sanitation departments taking the total to 38,153 IHHTs constructed so far in the Company’s catchment areas. In addition, 23 community toilets were constructed/renovated in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu in the year, taking the cumulative total to 104 community toilets. Along with sanitation infrastructure development, special focus was given to awareness campaigns to create demand and drive behavioural change.  The company has imported 24 cryogenic containers of 20 tonnes each in collaboration with Linde India Limited to ease the bottlenecks in transporting oxygen.

They contributed to the PM CARES Fund by Rs. 100 crores for the COVID pandemic. It supported the disaster-affected people by its relief program and contributed Rs. 54.32 crores. 

In total, the company spent an amount of Rs. 365.43 on CSR in FY 20-21. Out of which, INR 45 Cr. were spent for healthcare, Rs. 45 Cr. for Cr. for Agricultural projects. 

  1. Infosys Limited

In FY 20-21, Infosys limited spent Rs. 325.32 crores on its CSR initiatives. The company has been undertaking its CSR initiatives mostly through Infosys Foundation only. 

The company is not just limited to philanthropy, but it includes holistic community development, heritage conservation, armed forces support, and sustainability development.

In the last financial year, the company took various initiatives for combating the COVID pandemic by providing essential medical equipment and infrastructure to various hospitals and frontline workers, supporting daily livelihood requirements of the poor and needy. The relief work, which began with setting up of COVID-exclusive hospitals and wards, supply of medical equipment, PPE kits, and sanitizers continued pan-India through 2020-21 and is continuing this year.

The IFA-Infosys Foundation partnership is supporting 11 projects undertaken by artists, scholars, and teachers, and encouraging them to continue their work.

The company has been proactively supporting projects that help soldiers and their families when they retire or are martyred. In one such endeavour, the Foundation has helped to build a Sainik Sadan for the Rajya Sainik Board, Odisha in Bhubaneswar. The Rajya Sainik Board, Odisha, which is under the administrative control of the Home Department, Government of Odisha, acts as a nodal agency for coordinating and implementing various welfare measures of the central and state governments. The Board is committed to promoting welfare measures for war widows, widows of ex-servicemen, World War II veterans and their widows and dependents from Odisha, and the families of the serving soldiers of Odisha. At present, around 42,500 ex-servicemen and widows are registered, and the total dependency is more than 2,00,000.

  1. Wipro Limited

Wipro limited spent Rs. 251.19 crores on CSR initiatives in FY 20-21. 

In the last financial year, the company contributed towards Education for the underprivileged. This program addresses a gamut of critical issues faced by disadvantaged communities when it comes to school education – starting from enrolment in schools to nutrition for children, counselling services for parents, remedial education, among others. These children are from some of the most vulnerable groups in our society – urban slums, HIV-affected families, migrant labour families, street children. Additionally, they contributed towards Education for Children with Disability.

The company has a Community Ecology program. This project in agroforestry in rural Tamil Nadu helps farmers in effectively implementing integrated farming practices. Urban solid waste management (SWM) projects at Bengaluru and Mysore provide comprehensive skills up-gradation and social, nutritional, and health security to workers in the informal sector of waste. Both the programs faced operational challenges due to the ongoing pandemic. A number of adaptive measures were undertaken such as the use of digital platforms for information sharing, training of staff and waste pickers, and switching to online submission of applications for social security.

  1. Power Grid Corporation of India Limited

Power Grid Corporation of India Limited is India’s largest Electric Power Transmission Utility. It spent Rs. 240.59 on CSR in FY 20-21. The company contributed to 270+ projects for its CSR initiatives. 

POWERGRID has installed about 36,000 twin-bin dustbins in about 300 railway stations in Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, and in various parts of the country, supplied 5 truck mounted sweeping machines with the vacuum cleaners (at a cost of ₹9.08 crore), to various government agencies and bodies, cleaned and restored water bodies and provided clean drinking water to a large number of villages.

The company helped in the construction of 20 Bedded OPD at SK Roy Civil Hospital Hailakardi. A Ten (10) storied, 300 bedded “POWERGRID Vishram Sadan'' at AIIMS, New Delhi, at a cost of ₹33 crores to mitigate an acute shortage of accommodation for patients and their attendants, has been put under operation since January 2018. Keeping in view the impact of such an initiative, this facility has been replicated at other Govt. hospitals in the country.

Apart from these, the company took various other initiatives for education, healthcare, environment, sanitation, rural development, and art & culture promotion.

  1. Tata Steel limited

Tata Steel Limited is one of the most profitable and lowest-cost producers of steel in the world. At Tata Steel, sustainability is an integral part of the business and is driven by the

Company’s leadership, with an organization-wide governance structure around it.

The company has contributed to over 2,51,000 children’s lives impacted through their Education Signature Programme. They were able to reach 2,303 persons through Sabal Centre and various disability-linked programmes.

The company especially focuses on marginalised and tribal communities. It has supported the ICICI Foundation for tribal skill development. 

It helped in increasing the average income of 1,000 households by promoting kitchen gardens, linking farm produce to markets, making bags from newspapers and creating art and textile designs. 

In total, the company spent Rs. 221.98 crores for its CSR initiatives in the last financial year 20-21.

  1. Hindustan Zinc Limited

Hindustan Zinc Limited, a subsidiary of Vedanta Limited, is the world’s 6th largest producer of silver and India’s only integrated producer of silver, lead, and zinc. It has spent Rs. 214.03 crores in FY 20-21 for its CSR initiatives.

HZL has been aiming at ensuring its community’s health security while also supporting the Children, Youth, Farmers & Women of its communities across 189 villages in 6 districts of Rajasthan & Pantnagar. They have spent Rs. 116 crores for combating the COVID pandemic. 

It initiated several measures to ensure the protection of the environment and its sustenance for future generations. For this, 597 solar-powered street lights were installed during the year. It developed Safety Modules for communities, covering household and workplace safety aspects in rural settlements. People in the community were given e-training, encompassing electrical safety, chemical handling safety, road safety, home first aid, etc. HZL also engaged in a project to create master trainers in the community through development partners. The initiative is helping in the spread of a strong message of safety across our operational areas.

The company undertook several projects aimed at addressing the basic needs of the rural communities. Construction of community halls, school infrastructure, roads, cremation centres & drains, etc., were some of its initiatives aimed towards the development of model villages.

HZL’s Khushi – is a unique tripartite Public–Private–People initiative reaching 3117 Anganwadis. The project has completed its fifth year of project cycle with widespread coverage of 0 to 6 years age group. Khushi has directly reached out to 58,000 children & 1,00,000 members from the community this year.

Its Shiksha Sambal project aims at quality teaching of Science, Maths, and English (SEM) subjects and is now reaching out to more than 7300 students in 64 Government schools. The project places additional teachers into schools and builds a strong conceptual foundation among students using innovative learning techniques & activities such as group learning, worksheets, learning camps, science fairs, etc.

The company commissioned a 10 MLD STP plant in Udaipur and another 5 MLD STP is in its last leg of commissioning, which will take the total STP capacity set up by us to 60 MLD. This will treat almost the entire sewage of Udaipur city and the recycled water will be used by our plants, significantly reducing our freshwater intake.

  1. Mahanadi Coalfields Limited

Mahanadi Coalfields Limited is one of the major coal-producing companies in India. It is one of the eight subsidiaries of Coal India Limited. It has spent Rs. 205.28 crores for CSR in the last financial year 20-21. They have contributed to 500+ projects for CSR.

Out of the total budget, Rs. 120 crores were spent on the operationalization of COVID-19 Hospital at Bhubaneswar by SUM Hospital. 

The main objective of the CSR policy of MCL is to lay down guidelines to make CSR a key business process for sustainable development for the Society. It aims at supplementing the role of the Govt. in enhancing welfare measures of the society based on the immediate and long-term social and environmental consequences of their activities.

  1. ICICI Bank Limited

ICICI Bank Limited has a long-standing commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). The Bank’s contribution to socio-economic development includes several pioneering interventions, with a focus on meeting specific goals. The activities are largely implemented directly or through the ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth (ICICI Foundation).

The bank has spent Rs.200 crores in FY 20-21 for its CSR initiatives. 

During the year, they spent Rs. 71.38 crores for COVID relief. It contributed towards Skill development through ICICI Academy for Skills.

  1. HCL Technologies Limited

HCL Technologies is a next-generation global technology company that helps enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital age. To give back to society what we received from it has been the constant endeavour at HCL Technologies. In FY 2020-21, the company has spent Rs. 195.16 crores for its CSR activities. It has contributed to 180+ projects for CSR.

HCL’s Crop Practice Improvement Traditional Crops & Crop Diversification Project focuses on Eradicating hunger, poverty; ensuring environmental sustainability, ecological balance; conservation of natural resources, and maintaining the quality of the soil.

The company’s Sakshar Samuday Project helps in promoting education, and employment enhancing vocational skills among women. 

In FY 2021, HCL focused on education, healthcare, and sustainability initiatives.

  1. Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited

Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited, mainly known as HDFC, is a major housing finance provider in India. In the last financial year, the company spent Rs. 190 crores on its CSR initiatives. The Corporation contributed majorly through the HT Parekh Foundation. 

During the year, the company focused mainly on COVID relief, education, healthcare, and skill development. Other areas focused during the year were sanitation, people with disabilities, environment, and community development.

  1. Power Finance Corporation Limited

Power Finance Corporation Limited is an Indian financial institution under the ownership of the Ministry of Power, Government of India. Established in 1986, it is the financial backbone of the Indian Power Sector. It has spent a total of Rs. 187.84 crores for CSR in FY 20-21. 

The company primarily contributed to COVID relief. Other than this, the company has also focused on thematic areas like education, sports, armed forces welfare, and healthcare. Most of these projects were undertaken in PAN India. 

Out of the total budget, Rs.172 crores were contributed to the PM CARES Fund. After this, Rs. 9.43 crores were spent for COVID relief activities; 0.84 Cr. for environment sustainability; Rs. 0.36 Cr. for education and Rs. 0.15 Cr. for sports.

  1. Hindustan Unilever Limited

Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is committed to operating and growing its business in a socially responsible way. It has spent Rs. 165 Cr. for CSR in FY 20-21. 

In the midst of the pandemic, HUL contributed INR 61 Cr. for COVID relief activities. 

The company’s initiative Project Shakti aims to financially empower and provide livelihood opportunities to women in rural India. The budget of the project is INR 57 Cr. 

Hindustan Unilever Foundation established its ‘Water for Public Good’ programme anchored in the belief that water is a common good and must be governed by citizen communities. The aim was to catalyze effective solutions to India’s water challenges involving government, communities, experts, and mission-based organizations. The company spent Rs. 15.7 Cr. for this project. 

During COVID-19, under Project Prabhat, more than 1.3 million people across the country benefited from relief kits distribution in 2020, which included Lifebuoy soaps, grocery kits, and food packets. The total expenditure of this project was Rs. 5 Cr. 

Other than these, the company also focused on education, rural development, PwD skilling, and environmental sustainability. The geographic concentration of these projects was in Assam, Maharashtra, or Pan India. 

  1. National Mineral Development Corporation Limited

National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) is a government-owned mineral producer, awarded Navratna status in 2008. The company spent Rs. 158.61 crores in FY 20-21 on its CSR initiatives. Most of its CSR initiatives are running in the state of Chhattisgarh. 

NMDC, in collaboration with Chhattisgarh Rajya Van Vikas Nigam Limited, undertook roadside plantation activity under the "Hariyar Chhattisgarh" program with a budget of Rs. 14 Cr. It made a contribution of Rs.14.00 crore towards the ‘Mukhyamantri Suposhan Yojana’ to address the prevalence of malnutrition among women and children in the state of Chhattisgarh. 

The company made a contribution of Rs. 11 Cr. to Chhattisgarh & Karnataka Govt. for fighting COVID 19 pandemic. They spent INR 85 Cr. on miscellaneous activities related to CSR. 

  1. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) is a subsidiary of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation which is under the ownership of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas of the Government of India. In FY 20-21, the company had a CSR expenditure of Rs. 156 crores. 

The company supported the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by contributing to the PM CARES Fund. The projects of the company are running in various states of India, majorly in Maharashtra. 

  1. Larsen & Toubro Limited

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) spent Rs. 150 crores on CSR in FY 20-21. The company spent over Rs. 36 crores for COVID Relief in 2020-21. They contributed to 120+ projects for its CSR. 

It focused primarily on COVID relief, education, and healthcare areas. Other than these thematic areas the company also focused on the environment, gender equality, and rural development. 

Most of the company’s projects are running in the West and South region of the country.  

  1. Rural Electrification Corporation Limited

REC Limited, formerly Rural Electrification Corporation Limited, is a public Infrastructure Finance Company in India’s power sector. It is a Navratna company under the administrative control of the Ministry of Power. Its CSR expenditure for the financial year 20-21 was Rs. 147.75 Cr. 

The company contributed to CSR by focusing on areas like- healthcare, education, environment, and rural development. Along with these areas, the company also tried to focus on senior citizens' care and COVID relief. It donated Rs. 50 Cr. Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations (PM CARES) Fund to deal with pandemic caused by COVID-19. 

The company spent Rs. 36.59 Cr. to the healthcare sector, Rs. 22 Cr. to rural development, Rs. 17.6 Cr. to Environment initiatives, Rs. 16 Cr. to education promotion and Rs. 0.65 Cr. for elderly care.

  1. GAIL India Limited

GAIL (India) Limited is committed to reducing carbon emissions and implementing renewable projects. It is a government-owned natural gas corporation, under the ownership of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. GAIL spent Rs. 147.67 Cr. for its CSR in FY 20-21. 

The company contributed to 200+ projects for their CSR. It donated Rs. 50 crores to PM Cares fund for COVID relief. Through its project Aarogya, the company provided healthcare facilities of 50 MMUs in multiple states. The budget of this project was Rs. 16.4 crores. In total, the company contributed Rs. 25.89 Cr. for the healthcare sector. 

GAIL spent Rs. 25.59 Cr. for education, Rs. 14.13 Cr. for sanitation and water, Rs. 4 Cr. for rural development, and Rs. 1.38 for environmental initiatives.

  1. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited is an Indian government-owned oil and gas corporation. It is among the leading oil and gas companies in India. In FY 20-21, the company spent Rs. 144.88 crores for their CSR initiatives. 

BPCL has primarily focused on areas of healthcare, COVID relief, sanitation, education, and skill development. Other than these, they also contributed to art & culture, environment, rural and community development. 

For COVID relief, the company spent Rs. 30.88 Cr.; Rs. 24.9 Cr. for healthcare; Rs. 31.97 Cr. for education and skill development; Rs. 11.21 for Sanitation and Water; and Rs. 1.88 Cr. for art & culture.

  1. Maruti Suzuki India Limited

Maruti Suzuki strives to be a people’s company, and for that, it needs to take care of everyone. Not only is it completely dedicated to the customers, but also to the communities around the facilities. Their CSR programmes tackle social issues at both local and national levels in order to develop scalable, impactful, and sustainable social programmes that leave a visible impact for future generations. 

The company helped in setting up a multi-specialty hospital in Sitapur, Gujarat in partnership with Ramanbhai Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Zydus Hospitals, Ahmedabad. The budget of the project was INR 67.8 Cr. In total, the company spent Rs. 76 crores for the healthcare sector. 

Under the Apprentice Training Programme for Industrial Training Institute (ITI) students, over 2,000 trainees from ITIs across 13 trades were trained in the Company. It spent Rs. 38 crores for the education sector. 

Other than these areas, the company also contributed to Road safety and rural development by Rs. 11 Cr. and Rs. 8.9 Cr. respectively. In total, they spent Rs. 140.9 crores for their CSR initiatives.

The projects of Maruti Suzuki are majorly based in North and West India.

  1. Bajaj Auto Limited

Bajaj Auto is a leading manufacturer of motorcycles and three-wheelers in India. It believes that the true and full measure of growth, success, and progress lies beyond balance sheets or conventional economic indices. It is best reflected in the difference that business and industry make in the lives of people. So, for their CSR, the company spent Rs. 128 Cr., higher than their prescribed amount. 

Though the company’s projects are running in various regions of India, Maharashtra has a special focus. 

Bajaj has focused primarily on the environment, education, healthcare, and COVID relief activities. Along with these, technology incubators and child protection were given focus.

  1. Ultratech Cement Limited

Ultratech Cement Limited, part of Aditya Birla Group, has spent Rs. 120.68 crores in FY 20-21 for their CSR. Their focus is on healthcare, education, sustainable livelihood, infrastructure, and social reform.

All of their CSR initiatives were taken by the company's CSR arm, UltraTech Community Welfare Foundation. 

The Company contributed to the healthcare by Curative Health Care through General health camps, specialized health camps, eye camps, treatment camps (skin, cleft, etc.), cleft camps, homeopathic/ayurvedic camps, surgical camps, tuberculosis/leprosy company-operated hospitals/dispensaries/clinic. Through curative care provided at Company’s hospitals and dispensaries, the Company was able to attend to 89,516 patients. In total, they spent Rs. 19 Cr. for healthcare. 

An amount of Rs. 33 Cr. spent for education, Rs. 50 Cr. for disaster relief programs and Rs. 11.88 crores for rural development.

  1. Bajaj Finance Limited

Bajaj Finance limited spent Rs. 107 Cr. for their CSR activities in the financial year 20-21. They have been focusing on various areas like- education, COVID relief, and healthcare. Other than these, they also focused on the environment, financial inclusion, and women empowerment. 

The company contributed Rs. 22 crores for education, Rs. 2 crores for integrated development programs, and Rs. 16.48 Cr. for COVID relief. 

  1. Oil India Limited

Oil India Limited is the second largest Indian-government-owned hydrocarbon exploration and production corporation. The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas oversees its operations. 

The corporation primarily focused on education, rural development, and healthcare. 

Under the project education promotion, the company provided free residential coaching to students from economically disadvantaged sections, aspiring to clear engineering and medical entrance exams. OIL Dikhya, is one of the company's flagship programs that promote SMART education among students of rural schools. Nearly 2000 illiterate and semi-literate adults were given literacy classes based on the course module of the approved textbook of Sarva Sikhsha Abhiyan. The company has given various scholarships to meritorious students, especially from rural areas. The total contribution in this project was Rs. 41.79 Cr. 

Other than these the company made a contribution of Rs. 23 Cr. for rural development, Rs. 11 Cr. for healthcare and sanitation, and Rs. 1.8 Cr. for sports promotion. Most of the projects are based in Maharashtra. 

In FY 20-21, the company spent Rs. 105.25 Cr. for their CSR. 

  1. Tech Mahindra Limited-

Founded in the year 2007, Tech Mahindra Foundation is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of Tech Mahindra Limited. They work extensively on the vision of ‘Empowerment through Education’ with three key focus areas – Education, Employability, and Disability to empower all to rise. They are trying to bring social change and touch lives through their 150+ projects with the help of 90+ partners in 11 locations across India.

The company made a contribution of Rs. 105 Cr. for their CSR in FY 20-21. Out of which, Rs. 57.9 Cr. were spent on Education, Rs. 24 Cr. for employability, Rs. 14.47 Cr. for COVID relief activities and Rs. 0.3 Cr. for healthcare activities.

  1. Hero MotoCorp Limited-

Hero MotoCorp Limited is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world. It is India's leading two-wheeler company with over 100 million two-wheelers sold to date. Its CSR vision is to have a greener, safer and equitable world. 

The company has spent Rs. 99.72 Cr. for its CSR initiatives. Out of which, they have contributed Rs. 31 Cr. for COVID relief, Rs. 13 Cr. for education, Rs. 6 Cr. for environment sustainability, Rs. 2.86 Cr. for rural development projects and Rs. 0.96 Cr. for healthcare activities.  Majorly, the projects are running in North India.

  1. UPL Limited-

UPL Limited has contributed Rs. 99.6 Cr. for their CSR in FY 20-21, from which, Rs. 75 Cr. were contributed to PM Cares Fund. Other than this, the company has made a contribution of Rs. 9.5 Cr. for education, Rs. 9.3 Cr. for United Bharat Project, Rs. 3 Cr. for Project Gram Pragati and Rs. 1 Cr. for COVID Relief.  All of the company’s projects are running in Gujarat. 

  1. Coal India Limited-

Coal India Limited is an Indian government-owned coal mining and refining corporation. It is the largest coal-producing company in the world and a Maharatna public sector undertaking. It spent Rs. 95 Cr. for their CSR initiatives in FY 20-21, higher than the prescribed amount of Rs. 8 Cr. 

The largest contribution was made for COVID relief activities, which was Rs. 42.7 Cr. Other than this, Coal India spent Rs. 19.7 cr. for healthcare, Rs. 19.5 Cr. for education, Rs. 13 Cr. for rural development, Rs. 6 Cr. for disaster management, and Rs. 2 Cr. for water and sanitation. 

They also contributed to the welfare of armed forces, community development, and national heritage protection.

  1. IndusInd Bank Limited-

IndusInd Bank supports and designs sustainable CSR programs that primarily empower and benefit marginalized and weaker sections of society, high-risk and high-stressed communities. The bank has spent Rs. 94 Cr. for its CSR initiatives in FY 20-21 which is less than its prescribed amount. 

It has focused majorly on healthcare, environment, education, and skill development. Armed forces support and sports promotion were also a part of the bank's CSR initiatives. 

In total, they have spent Rs. 37 Cr. for healthcare, Rs. 23 Cr. for the environment, Rs. 30 Cr. for education and skill development. 

  1. Mahindra & Mahindra Limited-

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited is one of the largest vehicle manufacturers by production in India. The CSR spent of the company in FY 20-21 was Rs. 92.78 Cr.

The company has various initiatives under its CSR. One of them is Nanhi Kali. This project provides educational support (material & academic) to underprivileged girls in India through an after-school support program. In FY21, the project supported the education of 1,71,950 girls. Of these 33,046 girls were supported by the Company, while the Mahindra Group as a whole supported 73,699 girls. The balance girls were supported by individuals and other corporations.  The total budget of this project was Rs. 14 Cr. in the last financial year. 

The company also focused on the procurement of water, education, healthcare, sanitation, and COVID relief activities.  They supported Jal Samruddhi Project by Rs. 11 Cr.; COVID Relief activities by Rs. 4 Cr.; education by 29 Cr.; and integrated village development by Rs. 3 Cr.

  1. Zydus Wellness Limited-

Zydus Wellness Limited has spent Rs. 92 Cr. for its CSR in the financial year 20-21. The company has spent the whole amount on healthcare infrastructure. Its projects are implemented by its CSR arm, Zydus Foundation. This project was implemented in Gujarat. 

  1. Axis Bank Limited-

Axis Bank is guided by a strategy that focuses on achieving sustainable, profitable growth for the organization while catalyzing positive economic, social and environmental value creation for its stakeholders in the short and long term. They have spent Rs. 90.9 Cr. for their CSR initiatives in FY 20-21.

The company has focused on sustainable livelihood, education promotion, financial literacy, and healthcare promotion. 

It has spent Rs. 53 crores for sustainable livelihood, Rs. 22.8 Cr. for financial literacy, Rs. 12 Cr. for healthcare, and Rs. 2.7 Cr. for education and skill development. All of its projects are running in PAN India.

  1. Grasim Industries Limited

Grasim Industries Limited, a flagship company of the global conglomerate Aditya Birla Group, ranks amongst the top publicly listed companies in India. The company has a CSR spend of Rs. 84.67 Cr. in FY 20-21. 

They have contributed to healthcare, education, COVID relief, art & culture preservation, and rural development. Sustainable livelihood, women empowerment, and the environment were also included in their CSR initiatives. 

The company has contributed Rs. 31.79 Cr. for healthcare, Rs. 25 Cr. for PM Cares fund, Rs. 13 Cr. for education, Rs. 5 Cr. for art & culture, and Rs. 3.7 Cr. for rural development. 

The company’s projects are mainly running in the following states of the country- Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka. 

  1. NHPC Limited

NHPC has implemented a number of CSR initiatives for the community living in and around its Projects/ Power Stations/ Units in the areas of Education, Health, Sanitation, Rural Development, Skill Development, Environmental sustainability, Women Empowerment, Promotion of sports, arts & culture, etc. In FY 20-21, the company has spent Rs. 79.6 Cr. for its CSR initiatives. 

They have contributed Rs. 31 Cr. for education, Rs. 16 Cr. for COVID relief, Rs. 8 Cr. for healthcare, Rs. 2.6 Cr. for rural development, and Rs. 2 Cr. for the environment under its CSR initiatives. Majorly the location of the project implementation is in the North and Northeast region of India.

  1. Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited

Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited contributed Rs. 79 Crores for its CSR in the financial year 20-21. The company spent Rs. 42.5 Cr. on education, Rs. 14 Cr. on Sports promotion, Rs. 12 Cr. healthcare, and Rs. 6 Cr. for environment sustainability. 

  1. Cadila Healthcare Limited

Cadila Healthcare Limited made a contribution of Rs. 78.54 Cr. for its CSR initiatives in FY 20-21. With the mission to serve and cater to the needs of the patients and to provide the best in the world medical education to the rural interiors of Gujarat, Cadila Healthcare Limited, with Zydus Foundation has set up the Zydus Medical College and Hospital at Dahod. 

  1. JSW Steel Limited

JSW Steel Limited, a subsidiary of JSW Group, is one of the fastest-growing companies in India with a global footprint in over 140 countries. It has a CSR Spent of Rs. 78 Cr. in the FY 20-21. They have implemented all of their projects through their CSR arm, JSW Foundation. 

The CSR expenditure of the company’s projects were- Rs. 17.9 Cr. for COVID relief, Rs. 14.7 for healthcare, Rs. 13 Cr. for community development, Rs. 11 Cr. for education, Rs. 10 for environmental sustainability, and Rs. 5 Cr. for sports promotion. 

The location of the project implementation was Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Jharkhand. 

  1. Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited

Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited is India's second-largest housing finance company and is regulated by the National Housing Bank. They have spent Rs. 77 Cr. for their CSR in FY 20-21. 

The company focused on healthcare, hunger & malnutrition, renewable energy, education, and sports promotion. They contributed Rs. 52.14 Cr. for healthcare, Rs. 10 Cr. for nutrition, Rs. 10 for environment projects, Rs. 2 for sports and education.

All of the company’s projects were implemented by its CSR arm, Indiabulls Foundation in PAN India.

  1. Adani Port and Special Economic Zone Limited

Adani Ports and SEZ Ltd is India's largest integrated ports and logistics company. 

For its CSR initiatives, the company has mainly focused on COVID relief activities and education promotion by Rs. 60 Cr. and Rs. 13 Cr. respectively.

In FY 20-21, they contributed Rs. 73 Cr. on its CSR. They have mainly implemented their projects in Gujarat. 

  1. Indus Towers Limited

Indus Towers Limited has spent Rs. 70.6 Cr. for its CSR initiatives in FY 20-21. The company has mainly focused on education and COVID relief. For education, Satya Bharti School Program provides free and quality education to underprivileged children in rural India across 6 states (Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal) with a focus on the girl child. To date, they have supported 183 Satya Bharti Schools benefitting over 40,000 underprivileged children. 

They have spent Rs. 45 Cr. for education, Rs. 25 Cr. for COVID relief. 

  1. Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited

Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited is one of the largest NBFC in the country with an Asset Under management which exceeds One Lakh Crore rupees. The company has spent Rs. 65 Cr. for its CSR in FY 20-21. 

They have contributed Rs. 49 Cr. for education promotion, Rs. 9 Cr. for healthcare, Rs. 3.5 Cr. for COVID relief and Rs. 2 Cr. for art & culture promotion. 

  1. Aurobindo Pharma Limited

Aurobindo Pharma Limited has a CSR spend of Rs. 58.8 Cr. in FY 20-21. They have focused on education, healthcare, rural development, agriculture, sports, the environment, and drinking water. They have contributed Rs. 22 Cr. to PM Cares fund, Rs. 19 cr. for healthcare, Rs. 8.8 Cr. for education, and Rs. 4.6 Cr. for rural development. All of their projects are implemented in South India. 

  1. Central Coalfields Limited

Central Coalfields Limited is a subsidiary of Coal India Limited, an undertaking of the Government of India. It has spent Rs. 56 Cr. for its CSR in FY 20-21. All of their CSR projects are based in Jharkhand. 

The company has focused on healthcare, drinking water, education, sports, rural development, environment, and gender equality. 


Incorporated in 1982, Eicher Motors Limited is the flagship company of the Eicher Group in India and a leading player in the Indian automobile industry. The company has contributed Rs. 56 Cr. in the FY 20-21 for its CSR. 

They have spent Rs. 29 Cr. for COVID relief and Rs. 2 Cr. for rural development projects. 

  1. Muthoot Finance Limited

All CSR initiatives by Muthoot Finance are implemented under the umbrella CSR initiative, “Haathi Mera Saathi''. In an age where society expects the corporate sector to step in and take up the responsibility for community growth, The Muthoot Group’s CSR initiatives centre around sustainability. They have spent Rs. 54 Cr. for their CSR in FY 20-21.

The company has focused on the promotion of education, sports infrastructure, healthcare, skill development, art & culture promotion, and COVID relief. They have contributed Rs. 29 Cr. for the promotion of education. 


Ankit Pandey

Ankit is an engineer turned developmental professional. He graduated in Materials Science Engineering from NIT and having an interest in Renewable Energy Technologies, he went on to complete post-graduation in Ecology and Environment Studies from Nalanda University. Ankit has been a Gandhi Fellow in the State Transformation Program of the Piramal Foundation in Rajasthan. Before joining CSRBOX as Sr. Research Associate, he was working as a Policy and Scheme Analyst at one of the social impact organizations in New Delhi. He has been conferred with the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) EE 30 Under 30 in 2021.