A Skill Training Program Transformed The Lives of Several Underprivileged Youth in Bengaluru

Did you know? A developed Infrastructure reduces the physical mobility of people, reduces the cost of living, and improves productivity. It acts as a catalyst for any country’s economic growth. 

Many projects such as residential townships, apartment complexes, and housing projects require a design and structure to forecast the success of the project. 


From roads to waterways, waste management to power grids, design is the first step. In India, many companies still use AutoCAD to make 2D drawings in the field of architecture, construction, or mechanical engineering. Our country is in dire need of several talented designers as we have a vast population. 


To improve the standard of living in our country and to bring about a change in the overall development of the country, Reaching Hand, a Bengaluru-based NGO has launched Pratishtha. This is a free-of-cost program that aims to train underprivileged youth across Bengaluru to pursue an AutoCAD course free of cost.


To date, 78 students have benefited from the program and most of them have even landed reputable jobs. 


Assessment and training 

When Reaching Hand decided to launch its program - Prathista, a ground-level need assessment was conducted in the city. They interacted with many youngsters from underprivileged backgrounds. The team wanted to understand their struggles and provide relevant solutions. 


After multiple interactions, it was concluded that many underprivileged students who had either completed their diploma studies or an engineering degree lacked or had no computer skills to add to their knowledge. Even the students in civil engineering streams were unaware of computer applications like AutoCAD. 


So, the team launched Prathista. Under the initiative, courses taught under the civil stream were AutoCAD 2D, Revit Architecture and 3DS, and under the mechanical stream Mechanical CAD, Catia, and SolidWorks. Students are rigorously trained in theory and given practical knowledge with hands-on training. Each student has access to a computer and the training is conducted in Pratishtha’s exclusive training center.


Apart from regular training sessions, Reaching Hand also conducted innovative workshops for the holistic development of the students. Since many of them were from disturbed family backgrounds, the team helped them with counseling sessions and career guidance. Career needs were met and students expressed that the workshops were highly informative and eye-opening.

Students participating in training.


Transforming lives

Out of 78 students, 25 have completed the training. To date, five have secured jobs in reputed companies, and are earning Rs 15,000/month. Students have got offers from reputed companies such as RK Constructions, Shoba Ltd, and VR Developers. The other 53 students are still undergoing the training and will attend their Interviews in the coming weeks.


Sachin, a beneficiary of the Prathista, says the training transformed his life. His journey to pursue a diploma in electrical and electronic engineering was far from easy. 


Growing up in Bangalore, his family struggled to make ends meet. His father worked as a daily wage worker and his mother was a homemaker, leaving little room for them to afford his education. But Sachin never let these struggles dampen his spirit. 


One day, Sachin heard about Reaching Hand, a non-profit organization that helps underprivileged students with their education. With his friend's encouragement, Sachin decided to enroll in their CAD course, something he never thought he would have the opportunity to study. 


Sachin, a beneficiary of the program.


The course was rigorous, but the faculty at Reaching Hand was always there to support him. They took the time to explain difficult concepts and clear any doubts he had. 


He says, “The teaching process was personalized, happening at my pace, making it easier to grasp the material.” 


Sachin's hard work and determination paid off as he excelled in the course. With the help of Reaching Hand, he was able to pursue his dreams and secure a brighter future for himself and his family. He will always be grateful for their initiatives and the impact they made in his life.


In the future, the organization hopes to regularly reach out to students in Bengaluru and transform their lives for the better. 


Roshini Muthukumar

Roshini Muthukumar, a native of Chennai, started her career as a content writer but made a switch to journalism to pursue her passion. She has experience writing about human interest stories, innovative technology, entrepreneurs, research blogs, and more. Previously, Roshini has done internships with The Hindu, Metroplus and worked as a correspondent with The Better India.