Project Parivartan by Orion enhances Livelihood Opportunities for Youth

When a whole new level of empowerment and a sense of security is gained by unemployed youth in low-income villages, a new sense of achievement springs forth in these marginalized communities, with proud parents and happy camaraderie. Project Parivartan provided this new level of achievement to many youths who were looking for a change, in the state of Orissa. The skilling and training the youth sought to hone the vocational skills of unemployed youth and adults in the really impoverished districts of Orissa resulted in uplifting not just the socio-economic conditions but the very spirit of the region.

The unemployed youth of this program were motivated and provided skills to the participants so that they were able to be skilled and employed. The program was designed in a manner that is not just pursued their careers but also furthered the education in the chosen sectors they had opted for. This way, the workers would, in the long run, ensure work-life satisfaction. This would most certainly improve the socio-economic status of the deprived families of Odisha, through Project Parivartan.

The Parivartan Project outlined the Skills Training & Livelihood Enhancement program in collaboration with the HDFC Bank and Orion Education Society in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. The program was implemented and managed to counsel more than 13,000 students and train 2250 students across economically weak families of the districts of Bhubaneswar. HDFC Bank Parivartan’s Skills Training and Livelihood Enhancement Centre were inaugurated by Shree Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister, Odisha, and Mr. Aditya Puri, MD, HDFC Bank in February 2018. 


The Centre was established with the aim of providing sustainable livelihood to unprivileged and unemployed youth of Bhubaneswar and the surrounding blocks of the district. The Centre has state of art infrastructure with fully equipped labs, projectors, CCTV cameras, biometric machines, etc. which make it aspirational for students. It has been the largest initiative of such kind by any corporate, not only in the region but the entire State wherein unprivileged youth are bound to get end-to-end support.

The impact of this project was considerable, where out of 2,250 participants, 1603 trainees are benefitted from training by finding an employment opportunity. This could be associated with a superior level of facilities provided like trainers, career counseling, hands-on training, classrooms, and soft-skills development. The participants have obtained jobs worth Rs. 5,000 to10,000. Some participants even passed the training tests with flying colors and secured jobs worth Rs.15,000-20,000/-This clearly demonstrating the vision of Orion Educational Society that was founded with the zest of impacting inclusive development across all sections of the society. At Orion, the various projects conducted for the youth impart mass skill training to marginalized sections. Such people were almost found relegated to neglect, poverty, and unskilled occupations.

Project Parivartan is a program that was allotted for 2250 youth and designed to impart skills in the sectors of Telecommunication, Retail, Healthcare, Banking and Tourism, and Hospitality. It was carried out in socio-economically weak districts of Bhubaneswar including a few locations close to this city in Orissa. The project, therefore, arranged for travel allowance in the shape of a stipend in order to bear the transportation cost for the beneficiaries that doubly ensured maximum attendance too.

All the 2250 participants had no means of earning before this training whatsoever. This training not only facilitated their learning but also provided them with jobs to earn a living.  There were challenges too but were overcome with time. The women needed more motivation than men to join the program. However, despite the challenges faced with reference to motivating women and girls to join the program, the program revealed enthusiastic participation of women too. There has been a meager difference of 0.2% between the participation of males and females. The participation of female candidates, accounting for 1074 is almost equal to the participation of male candidates. These statistics on the participation of women and girls in the program are an indication of the dedicated efforts made by the mobilization team to motivate and engage both genders equally in the program. 

Orion has successfully empowered the youth towards viable livelihood choices in diverse sectors such as Information Technology, Electronics, Travel & Tourism, Retail, Networking, Hospitality, Agriculture, Mobile Laptop Repairing, Healthcare, Apparel Manufacturing and Designing, Hospitality, and many more.


The dedicated team of counselors working at Orion Educational Society conducts multiple interviews and interactive sessions to analyze the specific areas of interest of our candidates. The team arrives at the perfect career option to complement the student’s inherent talent. The main programs not just focus on career planning but even go through comprehensive college planning for the student. In case the students are bright and keen enough to visit abroad, there is complete planning for studies abroad too.


Orion Education Society is dedicated to the upliftment of low-income groups and marginalized people. While implementing the latest evaluation tools, the participants are exposed to global standards of skilling at the same time generating a skill pool with quality and standard. The beneficiaries may be school dropouts, unemployed, minority groups, youth in remote areas, and even jail inmates apart from Women. Orion’s skilling efforts are aligned to Sustainable Development Goals. At the same time, it is an NSDC Partner) National Skill Development Council) and affiliated to 19 sector skill councils for the assessment and certification of their candidates. By receiving internationally set standards of training and through industry partnerships, the beneficiaries stand the most to gain.  


Shilpa Tiwari

Shilpa Tiwari is a New Delhi based Content Specialist with three decades of experience. She has worked extensively on a variety of researches and curricula across K12, Higher Education, Corporate and Social Development sectors. A Master’s degree in English Literature and a degree in French from Delhi University, alongwith International Business Programme from IIFT, most certainly provides Shilpa an added expertise to work as a Consultant on various research and consulting projects with Corporates, Educational Institutions, Publications, CSR Foundations and NGOs