Tresna Foundation - Changing lives through imparting skills

Tresna Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Ahmedabad that began its journey a couple of years back with an aim of bringing a difference in people’s lives to make them better and happier. They have chosen to work with unprivileged children and women for this, as they are most susceptible to social injustice.

To ensure more people gain access to these basic computer skills, they started "Project Pahel". "Project Pahel" is a computer learning center aimed at coaching people on Tally and basic computer courses. This would help them have an edge while appearing for an interview and also elevate them in their current job profiles. This project majorly focuses on students and individuals belonging to low-income groups, the women who left their education due to financial crises and other social obligations now willing to pursue their careers in a better way in the modern world. The courses are designed to help students and job aspirants become better professionals in the field they want to specialize.

Project Pahel is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their skills or knowledge in computers. The project also boasts an excellent student support system that provides one-on-one assistance when needed. Teachers are available for the major part of the day to answer any questions or provide additional help if needed.


The project has been able to bring impactful change in the life of beneficiaries. The life of siblings Tejal Yadav and Rajdeep Yadav had been a constant struggle for the family making meagre ends meet. Childhood largely remained a challenge their little minds failed to fathom. Their father is a bangle seller by profession and the family lived in a one-room accommodation. The earnings being scarce and a family to feed hardened his life. The children found education an uphill task to reach but their hunger for knowledge was immense. This zeal for learning stayed illuminated by their dreams to soar higher.

Tejal Yadav had studied up to 12th standard and Rajdeep Yadav was in his second year of graduation in Commerce when a ray of hope arrived. Their younger siblings were studying at Vasna Garden, an institution by Tresna Foundation when Tejal Yadav and Rajdeep Yadav learned about Project Pahel. The computer education program imparted by Tresna was a godsend opportunity for them. They subsequently enrolled in computer education under Project Pahel at Paldi, Ahmedabad.

The siblings were motivated by the faculty at Pahel for walking the extra mile to succeed. The young minds dreamt of a tomorrow where they could provide enough for their family with computer literacy. Being the first generation in their family to learn computer skills their confidence improved in time with willpower.

The determination to achieve saw the brother-sister duo get job placements with their computer education. Tejal Yadav works at Jazz Music & Studio and Rajdeep Yadav works at Satviq Business Solutions, an Accounts, and Business Consultant Firm.

The monthly earning of approximately Rs. 8000/- to Rs.10000/- for the siblings is an achievement to attain. The joy is unexplainable as they felt liberated from a struggle to wings stretching their aspirations.

Currently, Tejal Yadav and Rajdeep Yadav with their earnings support their parents in running home and also help in the education of their younger siblings. The power of knowledge is limitless and the two fighters have known it in the truest sense.

Project Pahel is positively touching the lives of youngsters and bringing in the impact archived for by Tresna Foundation.


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