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Udhyam Shiksha ITI Program


Organization : Udhyam Learning Foundation


Location :


Project Description

India has entered an age of demographic dividend. This opportunity will not present itself again. Udhyam will be able to truly use this opportunity, only if their youth achieve their potential and they drive economic growth. For this potential to be unlocked, they need most of their youth to be independent and entrepreneurial. They also need a good percentage of them to be entrepreneurs, who create good quality jobs for many others.


The National Curriculum Framework 2005 stresses that education must develop in students the ability to work and participate in economic processes and hence education should be connected to the world of work. Experiential learning, and learning by doing in the real world are essential for holistic development of the student and hence we must enable experiences for students that equip them for life ahead.


In August 2019, Udhyam partnered with Medha Learning Foundation and SDIT Haryana for increase in career advancement of ITI enrolled students. In this program Udhyam with Medha and SDIT designed contextualised experiential content and training for students in Govt. ITIs. Training was conducted for all Employability Skill Instructors (ESI) and selected Group Instructors (GI) of Haryana in Oct and Nov’19 and based on field observations and feedback, refresher trainings were conducted in January-February 2020. In Covid-19 scenario where access to physical classroom was a challenge, the intervention was redesigned and the un-taught components of curriculum were covered through digital intervention. Students were receiving digital content through whatsapp and Facebook and the methods used were Info graphics, pre-recorded videos, quiz etc. End line conducted was also digital, key impact points from the impact assessment are –

  • 45% of learners shifted towards an internal Locus of Control, i.e. learners believe that events in their lives derive primarily from their actions and don't blame external factors for challenges faced in their lives
  • 47% of learners shifted towards a Growth Mindset, i.e. learners believe they can get better through hard work and help from others when needed
  • 31% of learners made positive movement on Autonomy, i.e learners felt more autonomous that they have a say and control over what they do in and with their lives
  • 45% of learners made positive movement on Competence, i.e. learners feel more competent to do tasks in their lives successfully

Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • Opportunities to construct knowledge & meaning from experiences
  • Based on Zone of Proximal Development
  • Learning at individual's pace of understanding self
  • Activity-based learning. Everything is learnt by doing.
  • Designed to address different multiple intelligences
  • Reflection after action to build awareness and internalise strengths
  • Real World based and Project Based Learning
  • High Learner Autonomy

Project Donors and Partners

Partners: Skill Development and Industrial Training Department - Govt. of Haryana, Govt. of Kerala, Govt. of Maharashtra and Govt. of Punjab

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