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Entrepreneurship Lab Programme


Organization : Meljol


Location : Bihar,Delhi,Maharashtra


Project Description



In 2015, MelJol conceptualized and launched an innovative program named ‘Entrepreneurship Lab Programme to intensify the Entrepreneurship component of the Aflateen programme. Initially it was piloted in schools of Mumbai and Thane and later in the early part of 2016; it was scaled up to 10 Indian states. The concept behind the Entrepreneurship Lab was to provide opportunities for the young learners to think critically and devel - op entrepreneurial instincts. MelJol teach - ers and coordinators guided the children through the concept of an enterprise, clarified the basic concepts of economics, and discussed rudimentary requirements for starting any enterprise.

The program also had a clear focus on core, and soft financial entrepreneurial skills. The envisaged outcome was that the young leaders would learn to apply them to different contexts in a variety of settings, starting with practicing financial entrepreneurship skills at home with their guardians, and being encouraged to develop an enterprise model and initiate an enterprise. It was also important to en - sure that the children should understand the difference between youth enterprise and child labour through discussions, debates, question-answer sessions, and participation in various exposure visits to get acquainted with the processes of financial enterprises.


Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Citi Foundation

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