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BrahmaShakti Special School


Organization : Ekta Shakti Foundation


Location : Delhi


Project Description


BrahmaShakti Special School began with the vision to make learning flexible for children with special needs. We enhance their strength and potential by imparting education and therapies focussed on their special needs. With the view to make these children self-reliant, we provide them pre-vocational and vocational services. Our team works wholeheartedly to prepare them as dedicated and quality-oriented professionals in the field. To better adapt to their environment, we provide them with therapies and counselling sessions. With patience and skill, we have trained the special children at BrahmaShakti Special School to build inspiration for many.


Impact of the Project

The school has 75 children currently enrolledd in it while benefitting 134 differently abled children.


Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

ONGC, SBI Life Insurance, Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Delhi Directorate of Education

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