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Vocational Training to Youth & Income Generation Programme


Organization : Sahyog Care for You


Location : Delhi


Project Description

Unemployment is a global crisis even in highly developed countries as on today. Global economic slowdown aggravates the matter. Youths school drop outs and passed at the Secondary and Higher Secondary stages and left education due to different reasons are the serious victims of unemployment. As per the recent Speech in the National Institute for Transforming India (NITI Aayog) by the Renowned Economist and Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam informed that, even in the western developed countries, there are huge graduates with no specific skill to meet the Real World Challenges. His country started compulsory Vocational skill Training in Schools and Colleges to meet the present day challenges as well as involve in the manufacturing process or services to contribute for the country. His country also started ‘Life Long Learning’ for the adult population of the country too. This has been mentioned to understand the importance of Vocational Education in a country like India where on the one hand there are a large number Youths and on the other hand there is a need of skilled persons in manufacturing and service sector. iHis country started His

Now, the Technical/Vocational Education and Training is multi-sectoral in nature. Each ministry/department in Central as well as State Governments is responsible for manpower development in that sector. While some offer regular formal or non-formal courses, others draw from the general pool of educated and trained manpower. The higher secondary vocationalisation programme aims to develop skilled manpower through diversified courses to meet the requirements of mainly the unorganised sector and to prepare people for the world of work in general through a large number of self employment oriented courses, not precluding wage employment orientation of many courses. Through diversification into production and service oriented courses, it is desired to reduce the aimless pursuit of higher education and thereby reduce pressure from the tertiary education. But the Govt. structured program not adequately reached to the grass root as such so far our informal study is concerned.

As far as the vocational courses are concerned, today there are a variety of course as per rural and urban opportunities are concerned right from  agriculture, business, commerce, marketing, engineering, technology, health,  paramedical, home science and so on.  The vocational training courses design consists of theory and practice relating to the vocational field, related subjects, language and general foundation studies which includes entrepreneurship and linkage with financial institutional.

‘Sahyog Care for You’ as a leading NGO engaged for Child, Youth and Skill Development organization has been plan to initiate various vocational training courses for the youths of the Mangalpuri and nearby areas of NCT to meet the challenges and provide them the opportunities for skill training and employment at the end of the training to lead a better quality life and grow as an Enlighten and productive Citizen of the country. 

Core Objectives:

To Empower 1000 youths of vulnerable families to have an income source for basic needs of life by imparting vocational training skills.


Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

TATA Power Delhi Distribution Ltd & BSES Rajdhani Power ltd

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