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Women Literacy Class- Saksharta through Digitalization


Organization : Sahyog Care for You


Location : Delhi


Project Description

Saksharta through Digitalization

Sahyog care for you is working for education of underprivileged women. Many women were illiterate in slums and due to illiteracy they faced many hurdles even in small-small things in their life. This cause inspired the organization and started work in slums for women who are not literate. Sahyog wanted to literate all of them so that they will not face difficulties in their life.

There is a need to improve the scenario of women of slum communities. They have generally been found to be the weakest group when compared with others on the matter of elementary literacy. There is need to provide education throughout some innovative way to this particular group; therefore Sahyog introduced the program “Saksharta through Digitalization” in the slum areas of Delhi. By this program all women can get elementary education and to take opportunities to learn computers and also a positive attitude as well.

“The women were enrolled from slums in program with the aims to enhance the literacy through computers”.

The main objective of this Program is to aware about computers as well as to literate them. The project offered training sessions for adult women, catering for about 30 participants in each batches. During the twelve-week program women come for classes all six working days in a week for one hour.

In beginning, the program was started with only one centre, that times it was very difficult to motivate women to reach and start classes. Volunteer started to take small group meetings to talk on the importance of education in life but no one wants to talk on this matter. After some time organization was able to give some overview about the advantages of literacy. After these efforts, some women were ready to join course. Sahyog started one hour daily to teach them from the Hindi alphabets with the help of desktop computers. Computer helped me to learn effective teaching techniques. After some time many hands joint us to teach women as volunteer.

In initial most of the women looked nervous but excited about coming to the classes where all the sessions will take through computers. It seems that their anxiety about using and learning in classes through computers was simply because they did not want to “break” them. However, after 2-3 weeks of hands-on practice, their fears dissipated as they learned that computers are not so easily broken. They also felt more confident and more comfortable to learn their lessons and also participate where their children talked about computers.


Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

TATA Power Delhi Distribution Ltd & BSES Rajdhani Power ltd

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