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Organization : Vasantharatna Foundation for Arts


Location : Karnataka


Project Description

Women Empowerment Program (WEP) is an empowerment program designed specifically to address the needs of a martyr family. The program is now designed based on a decade long experience of working with women and children of martyrs. WEP is built on the fundamentals of learning to gain insight, realise one’s resourcefulness and create a desired future. The programs encompass four major broad dimensions viz Intrapersonal relationship (learning about Identity), Interpersonal relationships, Finance/vocation, and Wellness (includes fitness and body awareness). The program spans through a duration of one and half years; with four residential modules and their respective follow-up sub modules. Each residential module is for four days and mostly organised in Bangalore. Women travel from their respective hometowns to attend the same. Each module is designed as an experiential workshop with a specific theme from above mentioned dimensions. Each workshop is outcome based and resultant action plans are followed through the sub-modules which are designed a two days engagement either virtually or at their respective geographies. Further, the performance of each individual is monitored by parameters such as attendance, participation energy, key learnings and application of action plans by a method of qualitatively assigning stars on the scale of one to ten, one being the least and ten the most. Higher performance is encouraged by awarding a best performer. The best performers of the batch then are enrolled into the next level program called Women Leadership Program (WLP) wherein they are encouraged to take up leadership roles and responsibilities to eventually create self help groups (SHG) in their respective geographies and continue supporting the activities of the foundation. Currently we have three such women from the first batch of WEP to mentor and support women from the second ongoing batch.


Project Type : CSR


Special Features of Project

  • WEP serves as bridge between Government sponsored financial entitlements and the emotional, social needs of martyr’s wives
  • Workshops which are residential and experiential in nature catering to specific needs of women and children of martyrs
  • Opportunity provided for women, youth and children from different families to come together to share experience and learn together
  • Women learn various attitudes, behaviours and skills to own their lives and leverage opportunities to create their desired future
  • WEP acts as a feeder program for WLP to enable sustenance and large scale reach for empowerment programs

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