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Organization : IDFC Foundation


Location : Madhya Pradesh


Project Description

In support of the Government of India’s Digital India programme, we adopted schools in rural Madhya Pradesh and provide digital education to students in primary, upper primary and high school. We have partnered with Pratham Infotech Foundation for 18 months for this initiative. Government schools were selected based on criteria such as space and electricity for the digital learning centres, scheduling support, willingness to participate and sustain beyond the intervention period. This was followed up by the recruitment of local instructors (DigiGurus), training them and developing a curriculum for the students.

In each centre we have provided computers along with the related hardware, furniture, educational software and books along with an annual maintenance service. The course has been structured based on class level as per:

Primary School

School syllabus and introduction to basic computers. Enhance basic competencies such as knowledge of numbers, operations on numbers, geometry, recognition of vowels and consonants, word formation, basic English vocabulary, pronunciation, recognition of measurements, recognition of direction, map reading, social studies and general knowledge

Upper Primary

Introduction to application software. Project-based learning - “learning by doing” through problem-solving using Office Automation, Graphics Design and Internet tools. Develop logical thinking competencies to aid the current math and science curriculum, develop skills essential for learning computer programming and promote a collaborative learning environment.

High School

Project based learning module, students link their daily activities and surrounding incidences with technology. Graphics, animation and basic programming languages.


Project Type : CSR


Project Donors and Partners

Government of India, Pratham Infotech Foundation

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