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Employment oriented skill training to Schedule Caste candidates


Organization : Jailaxmi Education Society


Location : Maharashtra


Project Description

The training program conducted by Jailaxmi education society was for the SC community youth. The training comprised of skilling these SC candidates in Banking and Financial skills. This was a 2 year project.

In the first year 120 candidates from the SC community were mobilised and trained from the urban location of Andheri and Thane district. We hired the social workers from the community to avoid the ease of mobilisation.

The selection criteria of candidates were between the age group of 18-30 years of age without serving job .

120 candidates were trained with core training of 4 months course in diploma in banking and finance.

Youth trained during the course had an aspiration of getting jobs in the bank irrespective of their age. As known that banks do not employ the candidates above 25 years of age. And there was a great problem of employment of these candidates with the bank.

But the candidates trained by JLES were also offered by the support skill training programs by which the 65% of candidates trained were successfully employed over the corporates in the sales, financial services sector, government jobs like- PWD and Banking Agents. The majority of the trained candidates here were males and moulding the mindset of this age group was really a tough task but was achieved.

In the next year of sponsored training by BARTI, we were asked to train 100 youth with the same course as of the previous year in diploma in banking & finance, we mobilised 150 youth which were later screened to 100 youth and enrolled for the training session. The category was similar of SC community but the age group was of the fresher graduates or undergraduates and between the age group of 18- 24 years.

We were able to rectify our footfalls in this training program and impacted the lives of 85% of the youths trained during this program. All these candidates were employed with banks, Financial institutes, Corporate media industry due to their communication skills.

The Support skill training programs offered the candidates better communication skills & high confidence level which also changed the attitudes or mindsets of the youth.


Special feature of the project:

More than 170 candidates were employed in BFSI out of 220 trained youth. Around 33% candidates were employed in Banks; 27% in financial services; 22% in the accounting firms & 18% in Media Industry due to their excellent communication skills. These candidates minimum range of salary started from Rs.13,000 – Rs.15,000/- and are happy to contribute to their families income growth.


Project Type : Government


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