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The School Project


Organization : Akanksha Foundation


Location : Maharashtra


Project Description

Akanksha believes that a holistic education for all children includes excellence in core academic skills, the development of socio-emotional and 21st century skills and values, active partnership with parents and integration with the community.

The Akanksha School model works within and beyond classrooms to maximize the potential of children. Akanksha schools use innovative pedagogy and curriculum to ensure all learners master core academic skills. Through effective pedagogy and an array of co- and extracurricular programs, Akanksha schools seek to equip students with the character and socio-emotional skills that help them to be responsible and compassionate citizens of their communities, country and world. Innovative pedagogy and high-quality co- and extracurricular programs play an integral part in a child’s development. Akanksha Schools have programs in sports, arts, and leadership to create opportunities for children. Their community programs aim to invest parents in the holistic education for children.

Academic Achievement Programs

Digital Literacy- Akanksha partnered with the Motivation for Excellence Foundation to provide 3rd-8th grade math classrooms with tablets and access to high-quality, adaptive learning material such as Khan Academy to allow students to progress at their own pace and to engage more actively with material.

Independent Learning- Akanksha has incorporated independent workstations in classrooms to help students focus on practicing and mastering one task. Students rotate between different workstations in groups to perform certain tasks within a limited time frame. Workstations foster a culture of independent, active, and purposeful learning.

Culture of Reading- the Buckle Up and Read program helps develop elementary student's reading skills. It exposes children to books that include more text than illustrations and helps them gain confidence in reading comprehension. Students also recommend books to each other and learn new vocabulary.

Youth Development Programs

Art for Akanksha- Art for Akanksha empowered children with a powerful art education supported by its curriculum developed in-house, as well as providing art-related career opportunities for Akanksha alumni and generating revenue through high-quality products. Art for Akanksha is guided by a firm conviction in the power of art to build skills, strengthen values and nurture a positive attitude.

Sports Programs- The Sports Program’s primary goal is for children to have fun, create friendships, and build self-confidence through physical activity. In addition, the students are taught the value and importance of teamwork. Sports offered include football, hockey and cricket, amongst others.

Students who are particularly successful in classes are invited to join one of Akanksha’s teams that compete in leagues with teams from other community organizations so they can continue to develop their skills in a more competitive environment. These include the Just For Kicks School Football Championship, Sakal Schoolympics, and the Inter Akanksha Volleyball Tournament. 

Community Engagement

Parent Education- Akanksha's social workers lead a team of parents in each school and help equip them with knowledge and skills they can use to drive positive change within schools. This comes in the form of developing life skills ranging from health, hygiene and nutritional awareness, to effective parenting and financial organisation.

Parent Literacy- At the pre-primary level, Akanksha has created bilingual materials that allows parents to reinforce learning from school at home. Many Akanksha Schools also run spoken English classes for parents to build their confidence and to keep up with their budding fluent English speakers at home.

School Leadership

India School Leadership Institute- India School Leadership Institute (ISLI), established in 2013 as a project of the Akanksha Foundation, is one of the first initiatives in India to focus on developing the skills of school leaders to build high performing schools that commit to and deliver academic achievement and character development of children in government and affordable private schools. School leaders are defined as headmasters, principals, head teachers and school owners. ISLI offers a 2-year fellowship during which Fellows can shadow and observe Akanksha leaders and schools in action, seeing that effective practices from Akanksha Schools can be transferred into different contexts but focused on reaching the same demographic of students.


Project Type : Government


Project Donors and Partners

Pune Municipal Corporation & Motivation for Excellence

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