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NTFP (Non-Timber Forest Produce) Value Chain


Organization : Industree Foundation


Location : Odisha


Project Description

Industree Crafts Foundation (Industree) with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has initiated the Producer-Owned Women Enterprises (POWER) project which focuses on increasing economic opportunities for women through sustainable use of natural resources. 

The project's primary focus is on developing markets, mainly building up a producer-owned distribution and sales channel nationally in various cities in India while exploring international market channels. Additionally, compliant infrastructure and traceable processes for exports in the NTFP/biodegradable leaf plate and bamboo value chains will be initiated, resulting in increased revenues and bridging the gap toward enterprise sustainability.


Project Type : Donor funded


Special Features of Project

  • Empower rural and tribal women to become micro-entrepreneurs who collectively own and operate their enterprises
  • Connect women-owned enterprises connect women producers to commercial national and international supply chains in natural and biodegradable products 
  • Empower women producers on the issue of gender
  • Demonstrate scalable models and approaches for women’s empowerment through the sustainable use of locally available natural resources

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