Action Against Hunger India collaborates with Mary Kom to eradicate Malnutrition in the country

Action Against Hunger India joins forces with six-time world boxing champion Mary Kom to raise awareness about malnutrition in the country. The campaign aims to educate families on the behavioural and social practices to prevent child malnutrition, save lives and enable thousands of children in India to overcome hunger and malnutrition and partake in the development of the country.

Vinay Iyer, CEO of Action Against Hunger India said, “It is an honour to have Ms. Mary Kom support our cause in shedding light on the urgent issues surrounding hunger in India. It is our hope that we will raise awareness about malnutrition in children and take decisive action against its causes and effects”.

Speaking on the collaboration, Mary Kom shared, “I am delighted to partner with Action Against Hunger India to advance the fight against child malnutrition. I look forward to supporting the organization in its mission to ensure that every child is well nourished.

About Action Against Hunger India  

At Action Against Hunger, we drive change from the ground up, to make this world free from hunger.

 Since inception in 1979, we have led the global fight against hunger. Our work has impacted the lives of 26 million individuals, through a network of 8000 humanitarian professionals across 50 countries. In India, our operations from the grassroots upwards, are focused on taking decisive action against the causes and effects of malnutrition. We equip people with knowledge and awareness, so they can see their children grow up strong, and for whole communities to prosper.

Our programs cover 1265 villages across four states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Gujarat with a multidisciplinary approach to tackle malnutrition among children.

With our First 1000 Days plus of life model, which is based on preventative care, we aim to break the cycle of malnutrition during pregnancy and in the early years of a child's life. As a whole, our interventions aim to improve access to knowledge on food security and ways to combat malnutrition , health and Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).


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