Piramal Enterprises Limited- Paving the path to a better society

Piramal Enterprises Limited (PEL) is the major establishment of the global firm, Piramal Group. They hold a leading position in various business sectors which include Healthcare and Financial Services. Piramal Healthcare was enlisted in the top 50 largest corporations in India by Fortune 500. It is registered in both National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The group was also ranked as one of the top 5 pharmaceutical contract manufacturers in the world on Trade and Development’s World Investment Report in 2011 at the UN Conference. PEL started their journey in the textile industry and later emerged as a pharmaceutical giant in India. They have their headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Piramal Enterprises believed in their social responsibilities and have shown their dedicated contribution towards the development of the society in various levels through their different CSR programmes. Piramal Foundation works to provide solution to various social problems which act as a roadblock to India’s economic prospective. The Foundation has always kept their CSR programmes as their priority, thus spending more than the prescribed budget for each financial year.


Building Leadership of Government Schools is one of the flagship programmes initiated by the Piramal Foundation. An amount of 19 crores have been already spent on this programme. Its main field of operation is in the state of Rajasthan which is running successfully. This project includes educational intervention and teacher’s training programme at different level of the education system in India. It aims to provide quality education to the government education system. The objective of this programme lies in shaping the mind of the teachers with proper training to become the leader who can create a difference in the society. The teachers are the major assets of our society, it is very essential for the teachers to get the proper training. The teachers are the ones responsible to build and strengthen the pillar of knowledge among its students. Teaching does not only mean to complete the textual syllabus. It also requires enlightening the students with the appropriate knowledge in the field of education. They inspire and empower their students with self confidence and passion to overcome their fear and fulfil their dream. As it is believed that education intervention is required at every level of education system, thus training programmes have been organised even for the headmasters apart from the teachers of various government schools in Rajasthan. This also includes community leaders and government education officials who can motivate the youths of different colleges and the policy makers in the education department.


Another flagship programme of the Piramal Foundation is providing primary health care to rural population. Piramal Swastha Management and Research Institute is the implementing partner along with Yubak Pratisthan in this project. Their major field of operation is spread over different states of India. This includes Telengana, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Karnataka. Although India’s economic condition is moving at a fast pace, still majority of the Indian population lives in rural areas. It is often seen that people living in these areas are deprived of minimum living requirements like healthcare. Absence of proper healthcare leads them to visit the healthcare unit of the city hospitals which sometimes become unaffordable for them as most of them come from poor economic background. Through this programme, the company has extended its hands towards the vulnerable section of the society. About 286 Mobile Medical Units operate in 13 districts in Andhra Pradesh in collaboration with the state government to provide the basic health care which the inhabitants of these areas were denied of. The objective of the programme is to enhance the Public Health System in these places by providing appropriate resources or making referrals to suitable places. The programme also aims to develop the present hospital infrastructure with necessary equipment and services. One of the key targets of this programme is to improve maternal and child health care in the rural areas. Medical camps and awareness programmes are organised to give proper information about health hazards. Mobilizing and following up with people suffering from chronic diseases and addressing minor ailments are all taken good care under this programme. Providing artificial limbs to the needy and rehabilitation of patients are also part of this programme.


Piramal Enterprises Ltd is successfully fulfilling their moral responsibilities through these CSR initiatives aiming to create a better society for the upcoming generation. They aim for a wider impact on community growth and development, fulfilling the growing aspirations of the diverse society in India with proper resources.