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Computer Masti

Next Education India Pvt.Ltd.
Last Updated On 24 November 2017
Product USP
  • Country's first 80 GSM Quality paper
  • Elemental Chlorine Free paper
  • Vibrant and colourful look with interesting characters
  • Caters to Multiple Intelligences
Quick Summary
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Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Neeraj Malik
Contact Number     1800-200-5566
Contact Email    neerajm@nexteducation.in
Organisation Address
Sri Nilaya Cyber Spazio, Road # 2, 8-2-269/A/2/1-6 1st floor, East Wing, Banjara Hills,
Product Description
  • The Computer Masti curriculum is created by computer science professors at IIT Bombay in collaboration with Next Education.
  • The curriculum focuses on making students IT fluent with an emphasis on 21st century skills to make them future-ready.
  • The curriculum is not limited to expensive licensed software packages. Instead, it employs a range of Free Open Software (FOSS) like Scratch (visual programming language), TuxPaint, etc.
  • Our motive is to sensitize students to social and ethical issues regarding responsible use of Internet resources with safety guidelines.
  • The activity section caters to all the six levels of Blooms taxonomy and stimulates learners to ask questions.
  • The curriculum is organized around a spiral curriculum, enabling students to imbibe computer-programming skills thoroughly.  The concepts are revisited across levels, building a deeper understanding at each level.
  • The books suggest exercises and asanas to practice at regular intervals, while using a computer.

About Next Education India Pvt.Ltd.

Next Education empowers schools with technology-based K-12 solutions that are used by over 150,000 teachers and impacts 10,000,000 students across 10,000 schools.

Next Education's learning solutions cover the syllabi of CBSE, ICSE, Army and 29 State Boards across seven languages. From Leh to Kanyakumari, our service network is spread across the country. With its excellent on-site service support, teacher training, and advisory services, Next Education is transforming the face of school education in India.

Our Products

TeachNext: An interactive e-learning solution combining the best of new-age technology, creative and interactive tools.

NextBooks: A comprehensive solution for pre-primary and primary schools.

NextDeeksha: Training, accreditation services, and consultancy solutions for schools by experienced and dedicated in-house educators.

NextLab: An experiential learning approach for schools enabling students to use hands-on activities to understand English, Maths, Science and Robotics better.

LearnNext: An independent, engaging and intelligent platform which fosters self-learning, and helps students grasp complex topics easily.

NextERP: An integrated school management system which streamlines all processes, departments and functions of a school.

NextGurukul: An online K-12 community which facilitates collaboration among students, teachers, parents and principals.

Next Learning Platform: An adaptive technology solution to provide teachers and students a platform to envision, explore and create individualised learning materials.

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