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Concerns Universe Foundation

Last Updated on February 3, 2023

Operation in state

  • Karnataka

Thematic Areas

  • Community Development
  • Education and Employment
  • Healthcare
  • Livelihoods

Tax Compliance Eligibility

  • 80G (for 50% tax benefits)
  • 12 A (Tax exemption for NGO income)
  • FCRA (Eligible for international funding)
  • Organization Registration Certificate

Concerns Universe Foundation

Under Review

Established In 2001

Registration No. :CSR00001400

#52, Balakrishna road , 1st cross, Ramaswamipalaya , Bangalore , Karnataka , 560033

About the organization

Concerns believe that every individual has the potential to improve his/her own life and become both economically independent and socially dignified.

Vision- Concerns envision a community where all achieve their educational, economic and social goals.

Mission- To realize this vision Concerns works with urban poor (particularly children, youth & women) and provides opportunities for education through vocational training to enhance employability, improve economic status and promote the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

Concerns works towards educating and developing self-sufficient communities through empowerment and transformation of individuals. Concerns uses a combination of asset-based and needs-based approach to deliver programs and uses the community members themselves as agents of change. Concerns team mainly consist of members from disadvantaged communities who were trained to implement the programs leading towards sustainable development. Over time, staff developed a strong rapport with the communities they work with, providing Concerns with a direct way of helping children, families and young women make positive and lasting changes in their lives.

Concerns engage with the community through three key programs:

  • Child Development Centres – For children 5 years and below
  • Community College – Skill training for youth and women
  • Community Health & Development Program

Concerns recognized the need to prepare children between the ages of 2-5 years in low-income communities (slums) for elementary education at a low cost, as well as ensure their good health and nutrition. In 2001, Concerns started the first Child Development Centre in Jeevanahalli with 30 children of domestic help and migrant workers. Currently, Concerns operates Child Development Centres in Jeevanahalli, Janakiram Layout, Gajendra Nagar & M.V Garden, Ulsoor.The centres deliver a wide variety of activities, which support the children’s learning skills, health and well-being and social and emotional development. Another focus is parental education to ensure the parents understand the importance of early childhood care and education. The centres support about 160 children annually. Until March 2021, Concerns supported 2424 children 5 years and below.

Concerns started the Community College in 2005 in response to the need of women in the community to be gainfully employed and contribute financially to their family. Since 2015, boys are also enrolled. Since 2005-06, Concerns Community College has trained 747 students. The college offers the students the opportunity to specialize either in Early Childhood Care and Education, Office Management, Beauty Culture and Hair Care, Tailoring or Culinary. From 2021-22 onwards, Community College added a new course, General Duty Assistant. All students learn functional English, Basic Computers, Interpersonal skills, Community Health and Life Coping Skills.  

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Special features of the organization

  • We use community resources as change agents to bring an impact in the organization.
  • A majority of our staff are from the communities we work amongst and they have come through our programs and are now working with Concerns.
  • Concerns give priority to teaching life coping skills and this has helped students, in fact their families acknowledge the change and beneficiaries are confident to face life’s challenges.
  • Concerns field offices and centers are located in the community which makes it accessible for community members.
  • Concerns have committed and passionate staff who go the extra mile despite all odds.

Why should a corporate partner with organization?

  • Concerns have proved itself credible as an NGO partner in the implementation of CSR projects in the past.
  • Concerns have a long standing relationship with the communities not only because a majority of our staff are from the community but because of the number of years we have worked in the communities.
  • Concerns want to scale its impact to more communities in Bangalore.
  • Concerns can give companies the opportunity to increase their employee engagement by getting employees involved in volunteering activities which will broaden their understanding of the society we live in and give them a sense of fulfillment as they contribute to change.
  • Concerns’ impact in the area of education, skilling and community health and development offers corporates a range of the activities to get involved in.
  • Concerns have their compliance documentation in order.

Chief Functionary

Name :  
Bettina Lancelot
Designation :  
Program Director
Email :  


Name :  
Bettina Lancelot
Designation :  
Program Director
Email 1 :  
Phone :  

Project Detail of Organization

Community College
Project Type: CSR
To train 30 students in Tailoring skills to become employable/self-employed To train 30 students ....
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