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Verified Organization
Ritham Charitable Trust

Last Updated on March 24, 2023

Operation in state

  • Tamil Nadu

Thematic Areas

  • Disability or specially-abled related

Tax Compliance Eligibility

  • 80G (for 50% tax benefits)
  • 12 A (Tax exemption for NGO income)
  • FCRA (Eligible for international funding)
  • Organization Registration Certificate

Ritham Charitable Trust

Verified Organization

Established In 2004

Registration No. :CSR00028414

272, 272-A, Vasantham Nagar, Shenbagathoopu Road, Near AKDR Women's College, , Thendral Nagar , Rajapalayam , Tamilnadu , 626117

About the organization


About Our Trust:

It is registered under the trust rule (registration number is 200500019, dt-19.01.2005). The abbreviation of RITHAM is Rehabilitation and Training for Handicapped and Mentally Challenged Children. And it has successfully completed its 17th year.

Our Trust gives special education, Physiotherapy, Speech therapy, and Occupational therapy to Mentally Challenged Children as well as Multiple Disability Children such as Autism, Down syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy.

Our Trust was started with 4 students to cater to the needs of special children in and around Rajapalayam, Virudhunagar District, Tamilnadu State, India. Over the years, the institution has grown from strength to strength and as of date, it is one of the most reputed special schools in this region. They are usually mild to severely affected children.  This is a daycare center, a van picks up the students and drops them back at their doorsteps.

Our Aim:

The Trust’s main aim is to develop confidence in the minds of all types of physically and mentally challenged children and motivate them to face daily activities without others’ help.

Our Objectives:

The objectives of the Trust shall be as follows:

a) To offer rehabilitation too physically and mentally challenged persons and to provide medical and other health facilities to all type of physically and mentally challenged children.

b) Giving them vocational training to earn and lead a decent life. Providing them vocational training to lead life of equality, with dignity in the society they live.

c) To provide counselling to the parents about the problems faced by their physically and mentally challenged child and the need of rehabilitation to lead a life of equality in the society.

d) To create awareness among the members of the society about the formidable challenges faced by the physically and mentally challenged and to encourage their participation in all fields.

e) Teaching the members of society abort the measures to prevent Challenged in mere future.

f)  Making the physically and mentally challenged &their family members to know about the Govt’s welfare and assistance.

g) To increase the education level of all kind of physically and mentally challenged using the Teaching & Learning materials [TLM] specially designed for them Special Education.

h) Our foremost objective is to give ‘Inclusive Education’ to the improved & better learned children in our school.

Our Activities:

1. Ritham special school

It covers six years to sixteen years.

2. Ritham early intervention center

It may begin at any time between birth and school age.

3. Ritham out patient therapy (OPD) department

The kids came from outside and take treatment from our professionals.

4. Ritham vocational center

The provision of those vocational training and selective placement is designed to enable a disabled person to secure and retain suitable employment.

 5. Ritham learning center

We select mild-level students and teach normal school syllabus.

 6. Ritham sheltered workshop

Moderate Challenged also works with sustained care.

7. Ritham autism programme

Free therapies for autistic children under the honorable Prime Minister health scheme.

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Special features of the organization

Japan Government Project:

  • We are the only special school get grant from Japan Government to construct the special school building in our area.

CSR Projects:

  • Through CSR project one Exports Company selects our organisation and contributes yearly and also support our special educational activities.
  • The Orient Insurance Company contribute compound wall and bore well through CSR Projects.


  • For mild level Intellectual student we give training to study them state board syllabus like ESLC (8th), SSLC (10th).
  • We are the first Special School get government recognition in our District.
  • We give training for 0-6 year Intellectual disabilities in our Early Intervention center. We identify their problem in early stage and give the therapy regularly. After getting improvement we recommend to send in main stream education.
  • We give the special education in 1:8 ratio for mild and moderate level student and 1:1 ratio for severe student.
  • We give smart education through software programmes to our all special children.
  • Who are not have verbal communications we teach alternate software communication tool methods to communicate.
  • We give special education to more rural underprivileged children in and around our area.


  • We equally concentrate and give importance in sports activities.
  • So we won many prizes in District, State and National level sports.

Special Olympics:

  • In Special Olympic Games also our students won many Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.
  • Last year our students selected for National coaching camp at Gujarat and Pondicherry for football and volley ball State Team.

Co- Curricular Activities:

  • We give training in co-curricular activities like dance, drama, art & craft, yoga, singing, painting and drawing.
  • Our students won many prizes in offline and online competitions.

Vocational Training:

  • After Chennai in our State, we tie up with Vocational Rehabilitation Center (VRC) Chennai and give training for straight stitching in tailoring.
  • We give data entry programme for adult mild intellectually disabilities student.
  • We have tie up with Government aided one near polytechnic and produce office covers.

Other  welfare Projects:

  • To underprivileged children we provide free special education, free medicine, free transport, free uniform and free therapies with help Give India online donation platforms.
  • We give cash prizes for achievers on academic, vocational, sports...etc with help of Shamdasani foundation
  • Free special education given to 0 to 14 years with help of Heart and Hand for Handicapped (HHH) foundation.
  • We also provide free special education and free medicine for rural underprivileged donors through the individual donors and local philanthropies programmes

Government Projects:

  • We run the special school according to the our State government law.
  • We run autism centre as per our Honourable Prime Minister and State Government health Insurance Policy. Through this programme we give special education and needed therapies for only Autism children.

Why should a corporate partner with organization?

  • Increased Impact: Collaborating with an Corporate can result in a larger pool of resources and a wider network, which can increase our impact and serve more rural underprivileged special children.
  • Access to Expertise: Corporates often have expertise in specific areas, such as development, financial management, HR policies, monitoring progress, gathering data, rules and regulations, and, roles & responsibilities which can enhance the quality of our NGO.
  • Skill and knowledge sharing: Collaborating with corporate can provide opportunities to learn new technical expertise, which will help to lead and run our NGO more effectively. 
  • Increased Credibility: Collaborating with corporate can demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and responsibility to society which can increase our credibility with other corporate, individuals, and other local & international donors.
  • Volunteer opportunity: Volunteering of corporate employees in our NGO will help us to implement our awareness programs, and functions by fulfilling the human resources gap.
  • Improved risk management: Collaborating with corporate can help us to identify potential risks associated with the existing future operations.
  • Extend our services and resources: Collaborating with corporate can help us to widen our services to more underprivileged rural special children.
  • Sustainability: We get sustainability to serve the service in society, and improvements in special children’s life with the collaboration of corporate.
  • Idea generation: We collaborate with corporate and create new ideas, and creative thinking for the use of special children’s daily activities, adaptive methods for spastic children and new tools for special education.
  • Event Planning: We coordinate with corporate to organize, and execute the events in the donation platforms such as Giveindia, Tata Mumbai Marathon (TMM), India Giving Challenge, Guide star India and other crowdfunding platforms.
  • Social Networking: We connect with corporate and form social groups. With the help of this social networking we connect, interact, and share our needs, regular updates, and achievements.
  • Increased Exposure and Recognition: Collaborating with corporate will get better recognition within society and the challenged community. We will be more visible to the public and, widely known to other NGOs and corporate.
  • Opportunities for community engagement: We conduct the awareness program for rural peoples, conduct medical camps, arrangements for free surgeries to spastic children and other co-curricular (Drawing, Sports, Yoga, Dance, Singing....etc) competitions activities.

Chief Functionary

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Project Detail of Organization

The project for Construction of School Building for Special Needs Children
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We are willing to extend special education and other services such as Physical Therapy, Speech Thera....
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Construction of Compound wall in our New School premises
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We are successfully running free special education, vocational education, and transportation to u....
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Free Special Education and other needed service to Underprivileged Students
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On a door-to-door survey taken by our school teachers showed that there are still so many special ch....
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Support disabled children 21 years of age and below
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Our school gives special education to Mentally Challenged Children, Cerebral Palsy children, Autism,....
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